Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Eat Healthy Fat

  1. Healthy fats taste great, fill you up, and keep you satisfied longer!
  2. Eating more healthy fats will speed up your metabolism AND specifically, your body's ability to burn FAT!
  3. Healthy fats are the fats that make up your BRAIN!
  4. Healthy fats are great for your skin and hair health!
  5. Healthy fats are helpful to IMMUNE function and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties.
For more on the specific fat called omega-fats click HERE!

SO WHICH fats are HEALTHY fats? Avocados, nuts and seeds (especially walnuts, flax, and chia), nut butters, canola oil which is EVEN better than extra-virgin olive oil (a pretty good choice), and fish are BEST! Try some snacks with healthy fat: avocado and crackers, hummus on toast, PB&J PoppersCinnamon Cranberry Confections, or any of my Larabar ball flavors!

I prefer to focus on what TO EAT, rather than what to avoid! In case you aren't aware: fats FROM ANIMALS is an easy rule, so basically your meats, poultry, dairy, especially cheeses, should be avoided.


Have you ever avoided fat because it is "bad for you"? Do you think "low-fat" foods are good for you? What other fads have you tried/heard about/laughed at?

I think it is hard the way nutrition information changes. Even when I learned about fat in college! avocados were at the top of the food pyramid to avoid!!!! That makes me feel old!

But really, all the nutrition information is finally coming together nicely, recommendations to eat whole foods are beneficial to every health problem, diabetes, arthritis, etc, every health aim, weight loss, etc., and I don't see how that could ever change! It's even being tested and proven by science which is what makes me a believer! Plus how I feel from my own experience :)


Anonymous said...

I have avoided fat in the past because of the calories, but I have learned to embrace it! It is so beneficial for our bodies! I've been loving avocado lately. I like making guacomole with it!

Fresh-You said...

Way to embrace the fat Tara! If you do a fancy, cut up lots of peppers and onions, version, I'm sure it's totally DELICIOUS, but you can try a quick fix: an avocado, some salsa, and lime juice! Thanks for leaving a comment!

What are The Healthy Fats said...

Great article! Plant-based fats are great cancer fighters.


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