Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Plant Powered Kitchen! Trans Fat Ban

Good evening!

I hope you enjoyed How to Peel a Mango in 15 Seconds! Now, you can watch another "how to" video as my way of showing you Plant Powered Kitchen, just introduced to me, that I am sure to be reading a lot!

EXCITING NEWS! In June 2015, the government banned artificial TRANS fats! It is a huge step toward a healthier food supply! One fear is that food manufacturers will create some other artificial fat to replace partially hydrogenated oils. Other unhealthy fats to look out for are PALM OIL and MONO- and DIGLYCERIDES. Remember also that there are trans fats in animal products.

"[This change] is expected to prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths from heart disease every year", New York Times. On the other hand, Dr David Katz reminds us in the Huffington Post that choosing plant-based, whole foods is STILL the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do for our health.

Check out the Washington Post's article/videos regarding the Trans Fat Ban in the US.

ALSO check out these awesome: Flourless Chai Sandwich Cookies! by MWFL Melissa (I adore her!).

I am working on my Pinterest Boards. It's a nice way to organize some things :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Mango Peeling Made EASY!

Mangos are SO UNBELIEVABLY easy with this trick that we've eaten a dozen mangoes in a few days! Peeling slippery mangoes used to be our limiting factor in this mango-loving household! Here you can see my 4 year-old son do it for the FIRST time in less than a minute! I found this trick from No Meat Athlete who found it from Crazy Russian Hacker.

Mango Peeling Made EASY!

Step By Step How to Peel a Mango
  • Cut off stem so you have a flat base.
  • Cut off two large sides of the fruit, parallel cuts on each side of the flat, oval, disc pit.
  • Hold a mango side piece, outside of mango resting in palm of your hand.
  • Hook a bit of mango skin on outside of a beer glass.
  • Pressing hard on glass, and slide mango down the side.
  • Bite into your perfectly peeled mango piece or chop as you like. Yum, yum!

No Meat Athlete is awesome proof that you can be a healthy, successful athlete "without meat", and there are lots of ways to simplify whole food eating too!

Crazy Russian Hacker has lots of other cool tricks with kiwi, ice cream, watermelon, and more!

You're very welcome for all the extra beta carotene and phytochemicals you'll get now that you can eat fresh mango with such ease!


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