Sunday, April 26, 2009

Technology Gratitude!

I just have to say I am totally in awe of all of the wonderful information that is available to each and every one of us today via the world wide web! It is totally amazing! Choose a topic of interest, a fleeting question in your mind, and poof, in a moment you can watch or read information straight from the world-leading researcher in on that topic! Have a favorite author? Hear him speak on or Then purchase that book from to be at your door in the next day or so, or request it from your library website and pick it up in a few days, or purchase an online copy and have it there on your screen within minutes! Have a taste for chocolate and peppermint? Have 200 recipes at your fingertips in a flash! All recipes and 101 Cookbooks are great sites for recipes.

TED, by the way is an amazing source that presents new presentations each day from leading professionals in a variety of topics, from art to prosthetics. It's slogan is "ideas worth spreading", and it's potential is astounding!

Reliable sources are extremely abundant!, but make sure you are using websites that are not just trying to sell something. Examples of safe sites are those from the government, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, and your local library.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Want to be HAPPIER?!

There is a fantastic book written by Tal Ben-Shahar called Happier. It is based upon his college course that is the most popular one ever at Harvard! A few years ago it began with a small class of five or so students, and now each semester there is a packed auditorium of more than 800 students! The book and the course are about how you can make yourself happier TODAY. There are step-by-step easy steps to bringing happiness into your life right away and forever! Here is a cool video about his course, and therefore his book, which I highly recommend. Also, if you are very interested, there is an online course by him that you may take this summer (there is a tuition fee, along with presumably college credit). Take a look and enjoy!

Click here to read SIX KEYS TO HAPPINESS by Ben Tal-Shahar!


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