Monday, April 20, 2009

Want to be HAPPIER?!

There is a fantastic book written by Tal Ben-Shahar called Happier. It is based upon his college course that is the most popular one ever at Harvard! A few years ago it began with a small class of five or so students, and now each semester there is a packed auditorium of more than 800 students! The book and the course are about how you can make yourself happier TODAY. There are step-by-step easy steps to bringing happiness into your life right away and forever! Here is a cool video about his course, and therefore his book, which I highly recommend. Also, if you are very interested, there is an online course by him that you may take this summer (there is a tuition fee, along with presumably college credit). Take a look and enjoy!

Click here to read SIX KEYS TO HAPPINESS by Ben Tal-Shahar!

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