Monday, November 20, 2017

Dr Greger's Daily Dozen App!

The Daily Dozen App!

This Android and iPhone app (or a simple handout I have prepared) encourages users to eat as much of their Daily Dozen as possible! I have tried to eat these foods ever since I read How Not To Die, as soon as it came out, in 2015. Even before that, we were all trying to eat our fruits and veggies, and eat our beans and greens and nuts and berries! However, this app increases intake more than abstract, lofty goals of eating healthier! See also, my SMART goals post, for help creating goals with which you can evaluate your progress and meet your challenges!

We have an opportunity to try to eat as many servings as possible from these wonderful food categories each day!

It's a very positive and motivating habit to keep!

Positive, because we don't get an X for eating a burger or a candy bar! We get credit for what we do eat, and no shame for eating an unhealthy food.

On Android, you can see your efforts over time by clicking on the small graph at the top, as well as see your "streak" for meeting the requirement in any food group. For example, I have had my serving of berries for the last 23 days!
Please email me if you want a PDF for the handout, since I cannot attach it here. I will send it right away!

Fun Fact: when helping a friend install the iPhone app, she said "wow! I've never seen an app get 5 stars!" I don't know how reliable this statement is, but she was very impressed with the score!

COMING SOON: Many Check Mark Recipes!

Added because, why not? Me and Dr Michael Greger, yeaah! And my friend,Theresa, aka "the local Dr Greger" :)


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