Friday, February 21, 2014

56 3-Word Bits to Improve Your Life and Make You Smile :)

John Tesh posed the simple question: In 3 words, what advice would you give your younger self?

Photo from John Tesh's Facebook page :)

SO inspiring, that I wanted to share a few (just 56 out of the 600 or so I read!)! 

  1. Relax more.
  2. Save your money.
  3. Trust your gut.
  4. Get a hobby.
  5. Let it go.
  6. Parents were right.
  7. Enjoy the moment.
  8. Get exercise routine.
  9. Put God first.
  10. Don't be afraid.
  11. Just say no.
  12. Go for it!
  13. Practice gratitude daily.
  14. Do not settle.
  15. Be kind.
  16. Don't judge.
  17. Stop stressing out.
  18. Love yourself.
  19. Take your time.
  20. Ask more questions.
  21. Stop worrying.
  22. You'll be okay.
  23. Be more confident.
  24. Ask God first.
  25. Follow your dreams.
  26. Think before speaking.
  27. Nurture your creativity.
  28. You are enough.
  29. Forgive and forget.
  30. Travel, learn, DO!
  31. Choose your battles.
  32. Collect less.
  33. Floss your teeth.
  34. Stay in school.
  35. Take that trip!
  36. Pay it forward.
  37. Love your job!
  38. Be not ashamed.
  39. Run, run, run!
  40. Follow your heart.
  41. Keep a diary.
  42. Learn from mistakes.
  43. Find the humour.
  44. Count your blessings.
  45. Find your passion.
  46. Live your passion.
  47. Get more sleep.
  48. Never stop reading.
  49. Carpe diem!
  50. Be open-minded.
  51. Nothing is impossible.
  52. Be at peace.
  53. Never lose hope.
  54. Family is forever.
  55. Take deep breaths.
  56. Laugh more often.
COMMENTS: Now it's your turn.  In 3 words, what advice would you give your younger self?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crazy Cool Costco Catches

Costco could probably keep my family happily fed, and nourished with just these few favorites!

Organic frozen raspberries

These are one of the most delightful foods in my whole world!  A bowl of these berries is a wonderful dessert, with a happy aftertaste and after-feel (like no bellyaches or yucky feelings).  They just melt in my mouth!

Organic frozen broccoli

A pound or two each day has become a staple for my family.  We all happily eat them up each night for a powerful daily dose of cancer prevention and we love it!

Organic Garofolo whole wheat pasta

I normally get WHOLE WHEAT pasta from Costco, and ORGANIC whole wheat pasta from Trader Joe's. Now, I can have ORGANIC WHOLE WHEAT pasta from Costco, for $1.30/lb!  It tastes great too!  Here are some yummy pasta alternates and recipes!

Unsalted cashews

These are delicious! I do enjoy salted cashews, but after a bite or two, that saltiness is too much for me, and it makes stinginess on my lips, and of course who needs all that sodium?!  Try some Cashew Cookie Laraballs or Tasty Tofu Stir-Fry or Lemon Bar Laraballs or or some Morning Power Smoothie!

Hass Avocados

Avocados are such a favorite that I must give them a quick shout out!  Just remember to buy them hard, set them out until softened, but still firm, and then refrigerate them until you are ready for their delightfulness!  Some avocado recipes are here (don't mind the posts without avocado recipes).

Deglet Noor Dates (restocked after a long wait...again!)

This is the ultimate sweetness!  Fiber, no refining, no artificial sweeteners, AND this particular brand is pitted (huge time-saver) and cheap (little over $2/lb)!  Check out these sweet date recipes!

Here is another post about other things I like from Costco!


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