Monday, August 27, 2012

Cashew Cookie Laraballs

Larabars are awesome!  Cashew Cookie was one of the original flavors!  It's also one of the first Laraball flavors I tried to recreate (Check out all the yummy flavors!).  Now you can too!

Buying Larabars is great for CONVENIENCE; ready INSTANTLY, if you don't have 3 MINUTES to make up a batch! Additionally, the sealed up in a wrapper offers ready-to-go-ness, and hardly ever goes bad-ness! Not that we have ever had a Laraball hang around long enough to have a chance to "go bad".

Cashew Cookie Laraballs

1 c roasted cashews
1 c dates
optional: dash of salt

Combine nuts and dates in a food processor* until mixture is moldable into balls (this batch makes twice as many balls as other Laraball recipes, ~3 dozen), OR you can shape them with cookie cutters like these cute hearts that my daughter made on her own!, OR you could make sandwiches with apples!

*If you only have a mini, use 1/2 c of cashews and dates each to make ~16 balls.

Apple sandwiches with these Cashew Cookie Laraballs taste like caramel covered apples!
(Apple Brownie Sandwiches are also pretty fabulous!)

 COMMENTS: What do you pack for "treats" in your lunch, or your kids' lunches?


Jill Frank said...

this looks great. I will have to see if my kids like them or not. They are really picky. I am going to try these out on the kids at school and see what happens. I just found your site, but will be following.

Colleen Grossner said...

How did they go, Jill? The other flavors are great too! My first grader loves a "laraball" in her lunch! Hope you've still been enjoying fresh-you! Sorry to have somehow just seen your comment this morning! Have a great weekend!

Kurt said...

Made these this weekend. I halved the recipe and "accidentally" ate the whole batch! At least these are much more healthy than Taco Bell's cookie sandwiches that I'm currently addicted to! Hope you had a great weekend Colleen!!


Colleen Grossner said...

Kurt, Happy you enjoyed! We go through tons of Laraballs! ...hope you have enjoyed some more since May! Hope all is well!


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