Monday, November 22, 2021

Healing the Whole Body: Mindset, Nutrition, and Movement Training

Many thanks to all of you who were able to join us for this wonderful training for women! Healing the Whole Body: Mindset, Nutrition, and Movement. It was a beautiful morning of learning, inspiration, and joy!

Several of you requested a recording of the morning training, so here you go: this is the entire morning! As mentioned in previous posts, there were three parts.

Debbi Sluys presented first about mindset! Her company name on its own is inspirational: Dare to Declare! She motivated me to actually swim with my kids in the hotel pool that night which was oh so joyful! Usually I'm too cold in the water, so I have fun watching. Playing was even more fun! She encourages everyone to have more "play" in their lives. Click on photo below to watch the training!

I was up second, and my presentation was about Healing the Body with Food! Click on link below and go to 01:14:30 on the recording.

Karena ended the wonderful morning with a friendly interview about movement. Karena has very specifically helped many who suffer from scoliosis. She has some simple moves to teach us all that feel wonderful. If you or anyone you know suffers from scoliosis, I strongly encourage you to give Karena's Scolio-Pilates a try. It just may change your life! Click on her photo below and go to 02:06:00 into the recording.

If you enjoy the training, or have comments or questions of any kind, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 1, 2021

How did I Get Started on Plant Based???

I need an interview with Christine Harmon to let you all know what SHE does! (Also)

For now, here is the interview we had last week. I just want to say that when Christine asked me about my journey to plant based, I could have started with an even earlier step: cutting out processed foods and junk! That is another key factor in the whole world of PLANT BASED WHOLE FOODS.

I began learning about that from the Super Size Me (2004) movie and Ultraprevention (2003) by Mark Hyman and various readings from Dr Weil. Another very influential documentary was Food, Inc. (2008), in which journalist, author, and filmmaker Michael Pollan stars. Today, you could read Pollan's Food Rules, front to back, and it could change your life!

Here is the INTERVIEW! It is also available on FB HERE :)

Also, remember to REGISTER for the FREE event: Healing the Whole Body, happening on Friday, November 5th, 9am-12pm!

Healing the Whole Body 

….is a free training for women who are tired of holding back because of pain or stiffness and want to make simple shifts in mindset, nutrition, and movement to heal their bodies 

The secret? 

Exposure to information you may have never been introduced to before 

You’ll learn simple shifts you can make to enhance how your body feels and functions, ultimately empowering yourself to take control of your health and sidestep some of the Western world’s most common ailments, without relying on: 

Outside practitioners 


If you want the real deets on reversing disease with diet, if you want to tap into the positive power of your mind to make your body feel its best, if you want to learn how specific movement exercises can support your posture... 

Then this training is for you! Reserve your spot here:

Monday, October 25, 2021

Healing the Body with Nutrition (Pre-Event Interview)

 Are you confused about which foods promote better health? If you want to live with

strength, stamina, and ease, what should you be eating to fuel your body? Can your food
choices really help you avoid developing Alzheimer’s? Why is America obsessed with
protein? And let’s settle one thing: are eggs good for you or not?!?!?
Today, we’re cutting through the internet hype and answering these questions and more,
because eating just shouldn’t be so complicated!!!
If you….
● Want to learn how to sidestep some of the world’s deadliest diseases with food
● Are tired of the endless arguments about which foods promote health and which
● Are ready to set traditional biases aside to find out how to promote OPTIMUM health
with diet…..
Then you need to join us Oct 25th at 2pm, right here on FB!! We’ll be discussing all the juicy details
and more. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Healing the Whole Body - Free Training for Women

Hello my dears! Check out this exciting event on November 5th! You can read more about it, and sign up for this free event HERE! I am honored to be speaking, and below you will find out more about the other wonderful people who will be teaching us more about our health and vitality!

We are also doing an interview (Colleen and Christine) on Monday afternoon! You this link to tune in! ZOOM 

Debbi Sluys, CEO, Dare to Declare.

Deb specializes in helping people elevate and improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being, expanding the brain’s potential, and with living intentionally in a state of gratitude and kindness. With nearly 30 years experience in early childhood development, Debbi has gathered a wealth of valuable knowledge about the power of mindset, visioning  and success. With her background in professional development and skills in public speaking, Debbi can help you use your brain’s full capacity to reveal your individual dreams, discover your “whys” and accomplish your personal destiny.
Karena Thek, CEO, Pilates Teck. Author, International Lecturer and Radio and TV Host; creator of Scolio-Pilates method. 

Karena has been leading the direction of her organization since its inception in 1999. In this time, she has authored three books: ScolioPilates, OsteoPilates and The Pilates Golf Athlete. In addition to the techniques described in detail in her three books, she is also developing NeuroPilates. NeuroPilates is based on her interest in Traumatic Brain Injury and her initial work with the Wounded Warrior Batallion at the San Diego Naval Medical Center in the Comprehensive Combat and Complex Casualty Care Unit (C5 Unit).
About Your Host:
Christine Harmon holds space for those looking to improve the quality of their lives through self-care. She is the owner and founder of Body Acumen, LLC., and brings 18 years experience in the health and wellness industry to her work. She educates people about their bodies and supports them as they discover how simple self-treatment techniques can empower them to live active and full lives.
Christine believes you:
1) Can take control of your own health
2) Can become pain-free without invasive procedures or pills
3) Deserve to look and feel great in your body every day.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Spicy Vegan Panera Creamy Tomato Soup

No-Vodka Pasta meets Panera Bread Creamy Tomato Soup! This idea sprang from the previous soup post, which mentioned No-Vodka Pasta. The vodka sauce is such a hit, so making a delicious tomato soup was easy! My son took one bite and said “Wow! Is this from Panera?!” I should be a little sad because my boy is more excited about Panera than his mom’s cooking. However, to be honest, both of my hands immediately went up in the air as I beamed with victory!

How can you tell a food is healthy? One way is by the beautiful COLORS! Blueberries, sweet potatoes, kale (bright green after one minute of cooking!), red kidney beans! FLAVOR is another way to tell a food is healthy! We can detect the most nutritious foods in the world with our eyes and taste buds!

Naturally, spices add flavor. This soup contains tasty OREGANO, abundant in antioxidants! Loading your meals with extra spices immensely boosts healthiness! Feel free to add even more to this soup with marjoram and/or basil.
Look up and compare the ORAC value (antioxidant power) of some of your favorite foods and spices at While you are at it, search a few animal foods to make clear the fact you pretty much only get antioxidants from plants.

Daily Dozen Checkmarks! 1) beans (white), 2) spices (red pepper, oregano), 3) other vegetables (tomatoes), 4) fruit (dates), 5) nuts (cashews), 6) greens (fresh basil)

Note: Panera Creamy Tomato Soup is NOT vegan (contains cream and milk).

Spicy Vegan Panera Creamy Tomato Soup

2 Tbsp minced garlic
1 tsp crushed red pepper
1 tsp oregano 
2 cans crushed tomatoes 
½ cup cashews
1 can white beans, drained
4 pitted dates
2 cups water
Fresh basil to garnish!
  • Fill blender with cashews, beans, dates, and water. 
  • Heat a large pan to medium-high to cook garlic and spices, adding a little water at a time, as needed, for around 5 min. (Optionally: cook 1/2 c chopped onions with garlic and spices to add a tiny bit of something to chew in your soup)
  • Add tomatoes to pan and bring to a boil, then simmer for 20-30 min.
  • Blend cashew mixture well to form plant-based cream.
  • Stir in cream and when soup is heated through, garnish with basil, and enjoy!
Crushed red pepper give soup it’s spicy kick – if spice isn’t your thing, you can omit or decrease from recipe.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Recipe Highlight: Soups!

Recipe Highlight: Soups!

Did you ever notice that "soup" is a funny word if you keep looking at it and saying it? Anyway, don't you just love soup on a cozy, winter day? Fitting with all of my recipes, they are EASY and NUTRITIOUS. Looking here, it seems we like three types: stews, chilis, and creamy soups. Remember, cashews, white beans, and even cauliflower provide satisfying creaminess. Stews really fill us up and warm us up! Finally, chili always seems to be a crowd pleaser! When I ask patients "do you like beans?", and they reply NO, when I remind them about chili, they almost always say they do like the beans in chili. Anyway, here are several soup recipe links all in one place. Enjoy!


Easy Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Also, today I made an old favorite: Spicy "Vodka" Pasta. It's healthy and delicious version with no cream, oil, vodka, or salt!

All these recipes have plenty of Dr Greger's Daily Dozen Checkmarks. My daughters (14 and 12 yr old) recently came up with a challenge to themselves to get all their checkmarks for a week. To my absolute elation, they did it! Well, the younger one has a few more days, but she will get there! It was so amazing to hear them ask me for their turmeric tea, or a cup of beans, or B12! Any day that my kids come close to getting all those checkmarks is a day that I am assured that they have been fueled with wonderful nourishment. Their bodies function properly, they feel great, and thrive!


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