Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seven Super Snacks -- Our Most Favorites!

We (me AND the kids) love these snacks and have them often, most of them, nearly daily!  They are THAT yummy and THAT nutritious!!

In case you have kiddos too, we love this album: Snack Time is a great children's CD (and song) by Bare Naked can listen to some of it here!

#1 Popcorn!

#2 Chocolaty Goodness -- mashed ripe banana, and unsweetened cocoa!  Add chia, or whatever you like!

#3 Avocado and Triscuits (or on toast or in a wrap, or just cut an avocado in half long ways and grab a spoon!) For the Health Benefits of Avocado, click HERE :)

#4 Laraballs! ...really yummy, healthy, no-bake cookies!  HERE you can learn about these tasty snacks!

These are delicious No-Bake Brownies!

#5 Fresh Fruit! (actually we love frozen, freeze dried, and dried too!)

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "juice down your elbow" peaches, cherries, and watermelon in summer!

#6 Trail mix (combine any kind of nuts with some raisins and Cherrios), or just nuts as a snack!

#7 Dark chocolate!  Click on the image below to read about the Health Benefits of Chocolate!

We make it ourselves in no time!  Here is a Recipe!!!

Besides the above healthy snacks, here is a link to my Savory, Salty, and Sweet Snacks Page! ...and you could use anything from Dreamy Desserts as a snack, or Delightful Dips , and Sandwiches and Salads :)  Ha!  I guess most of my recipes would work as a nice snack!  My hubby thinks I am nibble, nibble, nibbling all day long anyway, maybe he is right! Oh, and even Delicious Drinks are always a fun snack!

Plus, 100 Days of Real Food wrote a post with 85 yummy snacks!  Check them out, plus, all of the other super-useful posts!!

COMING SOON!  Dark Chocolate made at home and Meal Timing!

COMMENTS: What are your favorite snacks?  What do you want to get recipes for, or learn about?  If you like what you see here on, "like" the FB page to tell a friend, or just TELL a friend!  THANKS!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw Cheerios on your list. I may be wrong, but I thought Cheerios had GMO'S?? Was wondering if you heard/read the same thing.

Colleen Grossner said...

Yes, I believe they do. I think I better write a GMO post soon. Good job if you are doing well to completely avoid them! Thanks for commenting :)


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