Friday, August 22, 2014

Awesome Running Fuel from Costco!

50 days until the Chicago Marathon, baby!

SO I'm sharing a product that's been my staple fuel during my long runs all summer, as well as another awesome product that I also often bring along, and enjoy.

Nature's Finest: Mandarin Dried Fruit and Mamma Chia: Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack
These dried oranges are wonderful! Coated in sugar (long distance running is the perfect time to indulge in sugar!), they are a perfect combination of sweet and tangy! They are almost like a traditional sport gel inside the white flesh of the orange pieces, only without causing belly aches or unnatural aftertaste. Note: I eat plenty of fiber; if you do not, this or the next item may not be the best running fuel choices for you.

The other product is like other fruit squeezers I've suggested before, except this one wisely added CHIA seeds to it's mixture! Brilliant! Chia is perfect for such a mixture! Chia is perfect for fueling modern day long distance runners just like it does for the Tarahumara Indians.

Tarahumara Indians from deep in the mountains of Mexico
The Tarahumara love CHIA and BAREFOOT RUNNING, and so do I. Born to Run, by Chris McDoughall, is a fascinating book that convinced me to try both!

P.S. I buy the oranges and the squeezers from COSTCO. I HEART Costco.

Happy weekend (and maybe long run) to ya!


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