Friday, March 29, 2013

Guerilla Gardening! on TERRIFIC!

Okay, I've loved this website for years ( -- so many wonderful, inspirational presentations!  Many, I'm certain, have also "gotten to me", but after watching this one, I felt compelled to share!

Maybe it's hormones, but Ron had me in tears!  Mostly, happy tears for the possibilities of our children living a healthier way of life!  As well as the difference that one man can make, by inspiring others!

Hope you enjoy Ron's funny ways as he shares his simple, powerful messages!

"Growing your own garden is like printing your own money!" -- Ron Finley


You'll always LEARN something, be ENTERTAINED, and often INSPIRED!

Here are some Other PRESENTATIONS I LOVE:

There are too many to even pick my favorites; here are some great examples!

How to Live to be 100+ by Dan Buettner

Magic of the Placebo by Eric Mead -- placebo effect is AWESOME!

Several by Dean Ornish: Your Genes are Not Your Fate,
The World's Killer Diet, and
Healing through Diet

What Makes Us Happy? is a set of 9 talks by authors, scientists, and more, including:
Dan Gilbert (Stumbling on Happiness), Malcolm Gladwell (Blink), both fascinating authors,
and Graham Hill's inspiring Less Stuff, More Happiness

COMMENTS: What do you grow in your garden?  My favorite are mixed lettuce greens!  And raspberries :)  And squash!  Ok, your turn!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tasty Tamale Pie

This is another one I've been making practically since I "started to cook", early in our marriage, when we were living in NY. Learned how from my uncle, and adapted it to make it as EASY and HEALTHY as possible -- my goal for all recipes!

Tasty Tamale Pie

Although it's Mexican-type food, it's not actually popular in Mexican American culture -- they prefer wrapping!
This tamale pie was more corn-bready than usual, and still very yummy!

Tasty Tamale Pie

2/3 c dried lentils, cooked with taco spices (optional: chop lentils in a food processor)
2-3 cans refried beans (or make them at home the night before - EASY - healthy - awesome!)
~2 c corn
2 c diced tomatoes
~2 c salsa
~1/2 c chia seeds
batch of corn bread (follow basic instructions on corn meal container, 1-2 batches depending on how think you like your corn bread crust)

In rectangular glass pan, spread out lentils, top with refried beans (homemade pours on nicely), sprinkle on corn, salsa, and chia. Prepare corn bread batter, and pour over everything else. Bake per corn bread directions for temperature, though it may take more time than directions say, probably around an hour. Lentils are cooked, so you just want everything warm, and the bread topping to be golden.

This tastes great with some avocado slices!  Spice lovers may add more salsa!

Also try Lentil Tacos!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Challenge #3: Hydrate!

Simple, but it's a challenge for me!

Fresh-You Challenge #3: HYDRATE!

Healthy Hydration!

(Challenge #1 was taking fresh garlic, which I'm still enjoying!
and Challenge #2 was running daily)

Boston Marathon is approaching, so what I can do, aside from running, to make my race experience a peak performance!?

Two things come to mind:
a) SLEEP, and

For the next month, (to the race and beyond!), I am going to focus on drinking more!

8 c ~ 64oz fluid per day

WRITE on my Do It Now (Most Important Things) list each day!
DRINK small cups to maximize absorption!
ADD CHIA to any drink will also increase absorption!


My Favorite Benefits

Benefits of Drinking Enough!
Best Benefits!

Exercise seems easier!
Glowing, soft skin
Fresh breath
Headache prevention
Boosts energy (2.6% reduction in hydration can double feelings of fatigue)

More Benefits Highlighted on Dr Oz

Maintain healthy weight - reduce hunger
Alleviate asthma symptoms - thins mucus
Help with allergies - flushes body of irritants


Tangy Green Drink

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Wow, Even Walmart -- Nutritious Foods are Everywhere!

I always keep my eyes peeled for yummy, healthy deals!

#1 Shredded Wheat (original AND with bran)
Triscuit Thin Crisps
WHOLE GRAINS -- one or two ingredients
More on whole grains here, here, and here!

#2 Mariani and Great Value dried fruit
NO added sugar!

#3 Crunchies Fruit
No sugar or preservatives
Retains almost all nutrients
Very few calories, VERY flavorful

#4 Ocean Spray Juice and V8 Fusion
100% juices with a variety of fruits and veggies
More on juice here and here.

Ground (helps with nutrient absorption, rather than whole seeds)

BONUS TIP: Substitute 3 cups of Shredded Wheat or Shredded Wheat 'n Bran cereal for the bread in the Hearty "Turkey" Meatloaf recipe. Benefits include avoiding extra ingredients in packaged bread and save time (no ripping/cutting bread).

COMMENTS: What healthy foods do you find at Walmart? A friend told me she gets a frozen fruit mix with passion fruit -- gotta check it out!

Where do you shop?
Aldi?  Heinen's? Giant Eagle?  Marc's?  Costco?
Trader Joe's?  Whole Foods?  Gordon Foods?

LINK of the DAY: 5 Sassy Shopping Tips

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chia-Chia! Hot or Cold!

Amazing Chia-Chai Sports Recovery Drink

(Have it HOT in the cold, and COLD in the heat!)

  • Ideal for drinking IMMEDIATELY after exercise lasting more than 60 minutes.  
  • Like when training for a MARATHON!
  • This is ESPECIALLY important when one is going to exercise AGAIN within 24 hours:
    • DOUBLE sessions (practices) or double headers (competition)
    • Hard training, for CONSECUTIVE days
    • Weekend tournaments/meets with MULTIPLE games / matches / events

Replenishing GLYCOGEN stores in the muscles works much better in the FIRST 2 hours after exercise, and ESPECIALLY within the first 30 minutes!

There is sugar in the Tazo Chai.
Sugar is actually HELPFUL for ENDURANCE exercise!

Post-exercise, it is ideal to consume protein with the carbohydrate, so tofu or soy milk (do not use dairy milk!) is a super addition to the tea.

Last, but not least: CHIAThere is very little research evidence to support chia for sports nutrition. On the other hand, there are hundreds of years of real life application of chia among the Mayans and Incans, so am I trusting in that before the sports nutrition research catches up!

There sheer NUTRITIONAL content of the seeds, 
as well as their ability to ABSORB water so visibly outside the body, convince me, along with my own EXPERIMENTATION, of the AWESOMENESS of chia for exercise!

EXPERIMENTATION with the things you consume DURING and AFTER exercise is key! BUT A BIG RACE is NOT the time to try something new!

Here are some other things you can try post-exercise!

Check out this study:

From the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2011, basically saying that you could substitute half the calories from Gatorade with calories from chia seeds, and get the same performance results.  More nutrients, less sugar, same performance!

Wonder what to do before exercise?  Check this out!

COMMENTS:  Anyone else getting ready for the Boston Marathon next month?!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Best Banana Bites

Nothing better than salty and sweet!

Keep in mind that a little salt is fine if you have low/healthy blood pressure.  Each person should decide which nutrients are most important to keep in or out of their own diet because of how their body works, according to their special needs.

If you stick with a WHOLE foods diet, avoiding processed foods, you be consuming far less sodium than if you eat lots of packaged and fast foods (note: restaurants also tend to add a lot of excess salt and unhealthy fat to their foods).

Best Banana Bites

Walnuts, raisins, salt, bananas.
Just whip up some Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough (you'll have extra dough to enjoy as Laraballs!) and use banana slices to make tiny sandwich bites!

Delicious breakfast or a snack ANY TIME of day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guess What Can Do ALL This?!?!??!

#1 Daily jolt of happiness, lift in mood (increased serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels), decreased stress, increase sense of well being and health

#2 Daily sense of accomplishment, productivity

#3 Daily steps toward increased fitness

#4 Increased energy and motivation for everyday tasks

#5 Deceased blood pressure 24 hours a day!

#6 Better sleep

#7 Curbed appetite for junk

#8 Improved memory (almost forgot that one!)

#9 .....YOU fill this one in :)

#10 Better self-esteem, can it not, knowing all #1-9 are happening!

BONUS (and giveaway): Daily exercise makes it EASIER for my mind and body/muscles/legs to actually get started each time.

EVERYONE has challenges -- some of mine are a husband who travels, and three little ones.  Often, I run a lot within a few days (perhaps 30 miles in three days), and then take up to 5 days off.  Each time I get started again, I have to talk myself and my muscles into getting moving.

In contrast, running daily, my mind and muscles are so accustomed to the habit, that I do it without even thinking, like brushing my teeth, any time of day.  I am TOTALLY LOVING my NEW HABIT for ALL of the ABOVE REASONS (and certainly MORE!)!

HERE IS WHAT I DO: Challenge #2
and have done, ever since my 6YO came up with the resolution for me on New Year's Day, 2013!

My promise: run ONE MILE each day.  If you're walking, say a half mile.  This is a 10-minute daily commitment (and what I (AND YOU WILL) get is ALL OF THE ABOVE!  Sweet bargain!

After just a few weeks, it will become easier, and will get progressively easier for the next six weeks!  Check out a post about forming a NEW HABIT!

Awesome slideshow of Mind-Blowing Benefits of Exercise, from US News and World Report: Health

COMMENTS?  Want to give it a try?  YOU CAN DO IT!  What benefits do you enjoy?  Look forward to?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Fabulous Ladies and their 5 Rockin' Blogs!

Since I visit them all the time, I thought I'd share them with you!

100 Days of Real Food -- you've heard me talk about this one a lot!  Lisa read some Michael Pollan books and went wild with changing her diet and inspiring probably millions of other people to do the same!  AWESOME resource!

100 Days of Real Food
Some related posts: 18 Quick Kitchen Tips, Awesome Website, Starbucks Refreshers, Make Sense of Bread Labels, Amazing Dried Beans, Trader Joe's Treasures, Our Favorite Snacks, Rewards that Won't Fill Your Tummy, Tips and Tricks for Picky Eaters

Oh She Glows -- Angela started a blog as she was getting healthy several years ago -- she was posting twice a day, and these were (are always!) awesome posts!  She is very creative, funny, bright, and shiny!

Oh She Glows
A related post: Creamy Avocado Pasta :)

Chocolate Covered Katie -- Again, I talk about this one all the time, she was a college girl making healthy desserts, and now after graduating from college almost a year ago, she blogs full time!  She is coming out with a cookbook (hopefully soon!) which is certain to rock!

Chocolate Covered Katie
Here are some related posts: Dig into Dark Chocolate, My Favorite Blog!, Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Fudge Eggs, and Try these Tots!

Hungry Hungry Hippie -- Elise just had a baby boy!  She is a vegetarian (with a non-vegetarian hubby) nurse who is also very creative in the kitchen :)  She has an e-cookbook for a special diet that helps with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Hungry Hungry Hippie

My Whole Food Life -- Melissa is very strongly opposed to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and I just love her simple, tasty, and healthy recipes!  We'll save the topic of GMOs here for another day, and if you are trying to avoid them, Melissa will show you the products to avoid!  In fact, she does a "such and such exposed" for all sorts of products and yucky stuff in them to avoid :~

My Whole Food Life

COMMENTS: What are your favorites?  Please share!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Four Fabulous Films!

These movies all thrill me (like the Dr Oz Show) because they have millions of people actually trying to LEARN about NUTRITION and make healthier choices! Not just people like me who went to college to learn about it all, but people of all walks of life: different careers, interests, and ethnicities! I LOVE it! SO here you go! HAPPY WATCHING!

Super Size Me

This message here may seem obvious, but if there is any chance you spend time at Mickey-D's, this one might convince you to spend less time or money there! This guy eats it for a month and watches his health markers go wild! Watch it now for FREE!

Food Inc

This movie really shows you about animal treatment (and farmer treatment!) in ways that are hard to forget, and will likely change your diet, at least until you forget what you've seen. This movie shows a pretty convincing argument for choosing organic more often. There is a FOOD INC website too!

Forks Over Knives

This movie features two doctors who have each done awesome studies: Dr. Campbell's China Study and Dr. Esselstyn's Heart Attack Proof Diet which strongly incriminate certain foods. They promote a plant-based diet.  Forks Over Knives has an official website with LOTS of AWESOME info, including yummy plant-based recipes!

Other related posts include: Esselstyn Exilir, Savory Cheese Substitute (Dairy and Soy Free), and 5 Big Reasons to Make Your Meat Portions Small


Just saw this one! Three very meat-loving individuals agree to eat a vegan diet for 6 weeks, and are I would say all convinced to continue on there way with the non-animal diet, maybe for life! It also includes an eye-opening phone call about some suspicious "organic practices" that were disappointingly surprising to me. Marisa has a website too :)

And there are actually other eye-opening health films to enjoy!

COMMENTS: What are your favorites?  Was there ever a life changing movie for you?


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