Friday, March 29, 2013

Guerilla Gardening! on TERRIFIC!

Okay, I've loved this website for years ( -- so many wonderful, inspirational presentations!  Many, I'm certain, have also "gotten to me", but after watching this one, I felt compelled to share!

Maybe it's hormones, but Ron had me in tears!  Mostly, happy tears for the possibilities of our children living a healthier way of life!  As well as the difference that one man can make, by inspiring others!

Hope you enjoy Ron's funny ways as he shares his simple, powerful messages!

"Growing your own garden is like printing your own money!" -- Ron Finley


You'll always LEARN something, be ENTERTAINED, and often INSPIRED!

Here are some Other PRESENTATIONS I LOVE:

There are too many to even pick my favorites; here are some great examples!

How to Live to be 100+ by Dan Buettner

Magic of the Placebo by Eric Mead -- placebo effect is AWESOME!

Several by Dean Ornish: Your Genes are Not Your Fate,
The World's Killer Diet, and
Healing through Diet

What Makes Us Happy? is a set of 9 talks by authors, scientists, and more, including:
Dan Gilbert (Stumbling on Happiness), Malcolm Gladwell (Blink), both fascinating authors,
and Graham Hill's inspiring Less Stuff, More Happiness

COMMENTS: What do you grow in your garden?  My favorite are mixed lettuce greens!  And raspberries :)  And squash!  Ok, your turn!

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