Friday, March 15, 2013

Chia-Chia! Hot or Cold!

Amazing Chia-Chai Sports Recovery Drink

(Have it HOT in the cold, and COLD in the heat!)

  • Ideal for drinking IMMEDIATELY after exercise lasting more than 60 minutes.  
  • Like when training for a MARATHON!
  • This is ESPECIALLY important when one is going to exercise AGAIN within 24 hours:
    • DOUBLE sessions (practices) or double headers (competition)
    • Hard training, for CONSECUTIVE days
    • Weekend tournaments/meets with MULTIPLE games / matches / events

Replenishing GLYCOGEN stores in the muscles works much better in the FIRST 2 hours after exercise, and ESPECIALLY within the first 30 minutes!

There is sugar in the Tazo Chai.
Sugar is actually HELPFUL for ENDURANCE exercise!

Post-exercise, it is ideal to consume protein with the carbohydrate, so tofu or soy milk (do not use dairy milk!) is a super addition to the tea.

Last, but not least: CHIAThere is very little research evidence to support chia for sports nutrition. On the other hand, there are hundreds of years of real life application of chia among the Mayans and Incans, so am I trusting in that before the sports nutrition research catches up!

There sheer NUTRITIONAL content of the seeds, 
as well as their ability to ABSORB water so visibly outside the body, convince me, along with my own EXPERIMENTATION, of the AWESOMENESS of chia for exercise!

EXPERIMENTATION with the things you consume DURING and AFTER exercise is key! BUT A BIG RACE is NOT the time to try something new!

Here are some other things you can try post-exercise!

Check out this study:

From the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2011, basically saying that you could substitute half the calories from Gatorade with calories from chia seeds, and get the same performance results.  More nutrients, less sugar, same performance!

Wonder what to do before exercise?  Check this out!

COMMENTS:  Anyone else getting ready for the Boston Marathon next month?!

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