Monday, March 25, 2013

Tasty Tamale Pie

This is another one I've been making practically since I "started to cook", early in our marriage, when we were living in NY. Learned how from my uncle, and adapted it to make it as EASY and HEALTHY as possible -- my goal for all recipes!

Tasty Tamale Pie

Although it's Mexican-type food, it's not actually popular in Mexican American culture -- they prefer wrapping!
This tamale pie was more corn-bready than usual, and still very yummy!

Tasty Tamale Pie

2/3 c dried lentils, cooked with taco spices (optional: chop lentils in a food processor)
2-3 cans refried beans (or make them at home the night before - EASY - healthy - awesome!)
~2 c corn
2 c diced tomatoes
~2 c salsa
~1/2 c chia seeds
batch of corn bread (follow basic instructions on corn meal container, 1-2 batches depending on how think you like your corn bread crust)

In rectangular glass pan, spread out lentils, top with refried beans (homemade pours on nicely), sprinkle on corn, salsa, and chia. Prepare corn bread batter, and pour over everything else. Bake per corn bread directions for temperature, though it may take more time than directions say, probably around an hour. Lentils are cooked, so you just want everything warm, and the bread topping to be golden.

This tastes great with some avocado slices!  Spice lovers may add more salsa!

Also try Lentil Tacos!


Jack Johnson said...

I'll definitely try this out this weekend. Always loved to eat mexican food at any time. Thanks

Fresh-You said...

Did you get to try this? What did you think? Thanks for stopping!


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