Saturday, March 23, 2013

Challenge #3: Hydrate!

Simple, but it's a challenge for me!

Fresh-You Challenge #3: HYDRATE!

Healthy Hydration!

(Challenge #1 was taking fresh garlic, which I'm still enjoying!
and Challenge #2 was running daily)

Boston Marathon is approaching, so what I can do, aside from running, to make my race experience a peak performance!?

Two things come to mind:
a) SLEEP, and

For the next month, (to the race and beyond!), I am going to focus on drinking more!

8 c ~ 64oz fluid per day

WRITE on my Do It Now (Most Important Things) list each day!
DRINK small cups to maximize absorption!
ADD CHIA to any drink will also increase absorption!


My Favorite Benefits

Benefits of Drinking Enough!
Best Benefits!

Exercise seems easier!
Glowing, soft skin
Fresh breath
Headache prevention
Boosts energy (2.6% reduction in hydration can double feelings of fatigue)

More Benefits Highlighted on Dr Oz

Maintain healthy weight - reduce hunger
Alleviate asthma symptoms - thins mucus
Help with allergies - flushes body of irritants


Tangy Green Drink

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Kurt said...

Did you run the marathon in Boston? Are you okay?

Fresh-You said...

Kurt, I did, and I am ok! Thank you for asking :) I wrote a post about it too.

Did you run, Kurt?

Kurt said...

I'm glad you're home safe with your family! Thanks for posting that uplifting message about the Boston tragedy. I'm just starting up running this week. It usually just ends up being a warm-weather exercise for me, but I love it and I'm a much more positive person when I'm running regularly!

Take Care,


Fresh-You said...

Thank you, Kurt! Hope you've been in deed enjoying this awesome running weather period. !!Take care!

Unknown said...

Berries are one of the ideal summer foods that help to make you stay hydrated. They contain 90% of water and you can relish strawberries as desserts, juices, fondues or raw. Nutrition and Hydration Week 2014

Fresh-You said...

Thanks Radhika! Is there a nutrition and hydration week every January?


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