Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Truffle Treo (not a dessert, a yummy dinner!)

This is what you can have in just a few minutes!

From this:

Toasty Pecan Mushroom Surprise!

Thanks to my friend Courtney who recommended this yummy recipe to me! I made this Saturday night, and twice more since then (basically 3 out of 4 days in a row!).

You know it is a good meal when you look at your plate and think - this part is the best, no this part is the best, an so on, and it's just one big, delicious tie because everything is so yummy! Like you want a little of "the good stuff" with each bite - but it was all the good stuff; every last bite was just so SAVORY!

It gave me my first hint of understanding the whole big deal of TRUFFLES. I mean, I admittedly LOVE mushrooms, and always have. Still, the thought of people hunting for a lifetime to find the perfect mushroom (technically truffles are under the ground, while mushrooms are found always above ground), and savoring like some amazing chocolate...I couldn't understand it, until NOW!

The third time I made it was Monday or Tuesday (the first 2 times were Saturday and Sunday). First of all, I went to the trouble to COOK for a weekday lunch - pretty unusual. Secondly, I sat and ate it by myself. I am proud Carla tried it when she wasn't even hungry, after her lunch. She didn't really like it, but then she was pretty full. Eating by myself, I REALLY got to enjoy it!

So simple too!

So this is what I did, you can also check out the above link to see the original recipe!

Toasty Pecan Mushroom Surprise!

1/2 c pecans
1 c mushrooms, sliced
8-10 Brussels sprouts, sliced
Earth Balance buttery spread (or Canola oil)
Aromatica Organics Garlic Pepper seasoning (from Costco, or salt and pepper to taste)
OPTIONAL: you can add some tofu, or a grain of your choice (brown rice, barley, farro, quinoa would all work great!)

Crunch up pecans (with fingers or quickly in a food chopper), spread on a baking sheet, and toast in the oven at about 350 for 5-10 min.
Slice the veggies yourself, or toss them quickly (just a few sec) into a food chopper, as I did the third time I made this :)
Saute mushrooms with Tbsp or so of Earth Balance until golden, medium-high heat, ~5 min.
Add Brussels sprouts and a bit more Earth Balance, and cook for just a few min.
Add toasted pecans, stir together, and ENJOY!

Original recipe (Warm Winter Chickpeas) used butter and nutmeg, and also called for chickpeas (also known as garbanzos, or chi-chi beans), but we are out of those yummy beans! This recipe even without the beans was surprisingly filling, and oh so satisfying!

I will never look at Brussels sprouts the same way again. I, and the Warm Winter Chickpeas recipe creator, both couldn't even put it in the name, probably for fear of scaring off everybody! Those poor little cabbages don't even have a chance, until now - maybe this is their big break!

Oh, I hope you like this recipe at least half as well as I do!

TELL ME IN A COMMENT -- What is your least favorite veggie? Do you ever eat it? Are there veggies that you only recently began eating AND enjoying?


The Fiscus Family said...

Thanks! Definitely trying this!! Toasted pecans sounds like the best part! Brussel sprouts are one of Jed's favorites &, surprisingly, most of the kids like them too :) Made a dish this week & thought you'd prob. love it...I'll have to make it for you next time I see you....a breadcrumb fish with garlicky spinach!

The Fiscus Family said...

ps...shouldn't you be in bed ;)

Fresh-You said...

Wow, so cool that Jed loves Brussels sprouts! Your fish dinner sounds yummy! Can't wait to see you! I think the River Road Half is on Anna's b-day weekend again :( One of these years I get to run it!


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