Thursday, January 26, 2012

8 Tricks/Tips for Picky Eaters

  1. Offer 2 or 3 healthy CHOICES -- this increases the likelihood that your child will eat!  As a bonus, you will builds his or her CONFIDENCE at the same time.
  2. Enlist little HELPERS for ANY of the steps in the food process -- there are so many chances: gardening or grocery shopping, cleaning fruits and veggies, chopping at your discretion!, cooking and baking!
  3. Always serve and require the child to taste a "THANK YOU PORTION".  Perhaps a bite per age, 2 bites for a 2 yr-old, etc.  It can take up to twenty "tries" before a person's taste preferences change.
  4. Be a good EXAMPLE -- this one is simple: EAT what you hope you're kids will!!  They love you and want to be like you, so they will follow suite whether or whether not you eat your spinach :)  I came across an interesting article about "Taste Psychology" that may be especially interesting to you if you may need to work on this tip!  Summer Tomato looks like a great website overall!
  5. Finger foods and dipping (Greek yogurt, homemade hummus low on spices) always go over well!
  6. Get CREATIVE with faces - animals - monsters - it's easy AND fun for everyone!
  7. Notice what your little one likes: flavor, texture, color, temperature, smells AND combine familiar with NEW!
  8. Sometimes FROZEN is FUN!  Below these foods are all listed!

100 DAYS OF REAL FOOD is another great WHOLE foods website/blog that has some other awesome suggestions to add to your tool box!  and some other terrific tools here!

This PURPLE BABY FOOD is simply a combination of the foods above in a food chopper: frozen blueberries, edamame beans, and a mango chunk or two!  My 18 mo-old ate it all up in a flash!  Here are some other BEGINNER BABY FOODS!

Frozen RAINBOW above:

Each are a great VALUE:

Super sweet organic white kernel frozen CORN by Bybee Foods, Costco.
Organic frozen RASPBERRIES from Cascadian Farm, Costco and other grocers.
Frozen shelled EDAMAME beans, Whole Food, and I think Trader Joe's.
Wyman's wild BLUEBERRIES, Costco and other grocers.
Frozen MANGO chunks (YUM!!), Trader Joe's.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Organic or conventional?  Fresh or frozen?  For me, if the price is right - organic for sure!  Fresh AND Frozen -- frozen is often even healthier!!


Fresh-You said...

Here are a couple of other ideas: cookie cutters for any food!, and letting the child pick whatever utensil they want to use to eat! Ha, it will be fun and funny! Thanks to Melissa's friends :)

Fresh-You said...

Here are some more great tips!


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