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Get Inspired! Awesome Athletes of 2012 Olympic Trials

MOMS -- you've got to check these ladies out!

RUNNERS who have DREAMS -- read on!

If you've ever thought you were too old or inexperienced, or as a mom, your body could never run a marathon, READ ON!

2012 Olympic Marathon Trials -- Race for London! -- AWESOME TO WATCH!

Now, let's talk about MOTIVATION! The Olympic Trials were so amazing to watch! Such an experience to see these dedicated athletes facing their most important challenge!

The first time RYAN Hall came around the road, just about 20 feet from us, after a sub-5-min first mile -- was SUPER EXHILARATING! By the way, i
n 2011 Boston Marathon, Ryan ran the fastest American marathon time ever -- 26.2 miles in 2:04:58 !!!

In the end, MEB Kefelzighi winning it all was pretty sweet -- considering he’s a bit “older” for a marathon runner (36) -- and is currently running faster than he EVER has before, improving his PR (personnal record) just a few months back, and then again at this race!

(Ryan, Meb, and Abdi will be running in London -- they ALL broke 2:10!)

We went on to see many talented runners come through, including AWESOME FEMALE RUNNERS!

Here are some MOTIVATING HIGHLIGHTS I've been inspired by, from these ladies!

Photo of Deena Castor from Wendy Thomas' blog.

I was most excited to see DEENA Castor run! She is an Olympic medalist, as well as an American record holder in no fewer than 7 different distances, including the MARATHON! DEENA says “ have to DREAM a little in this sport, if you stay in your comfort zone, you’re not going to do anything special.”

LISTEN UP MOMMIES! KARA Goucher placed SECOND in this amazing race, just a few days after her dear son's FIRST birthday!

KARA has some great ideas and habits about how to fuel herself in healthy ways:

a) She doesn’t eat as a reward, instead she thinks of eating as a way to help her RUN faster AND recover FASTER!
b) Regarding her eating, she is “in a healthier place”, not too restrictive or too indulgent!
c) She experiments with eating -- this is the only way you’ll ever know what works best for you! For the whole interview, read HERE.

SHALANE Flanagan is totally amazing! She WON this race and it was only the SECOND time she has raced a marathon!

Check out these lovely, happy, and relieved ladies!

Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher, and Desiree Davila will be running in London!
(Shalane broke the trials record with Kara and Desiree less than 30 seconds behind her!)

One more woman I must mention is WENDY Thomas -- she and her story are SO cool! She had never been a regular runner, just completed a few fun run races per year, but after a sub-19-min 5k, just about 3 years ago, someone from a running club couldn’t help but notice her. She soon began training with the group, and the rest is her-story (history)!

Thank you Wendy Thomas, for this photo from your blog!

For the last year she has been part of a cool program called American Distance Project, and the Trials served as her marathon debut! She placed 12th for the women with a time of 2:34! She is just getting started and is clearly learning fast!

Look out for plenty more awesome results from the up-and-coming Wendy Thomas! Here are some pics of the day from Wendy's blog -- these super-athletes are also regular people, awesome moms, ...and remember, in some ways, we are ALL leading extraordinary lives :) For more inspiration, here is a great recap of the women trials!

Finally, one more interesting thing to share. RYAN Hall, interestingly may be the Tim Tebow of running! In the last year, he has totally changed his life, focusing much more on his faith. In fact, now GOD is his running coach!  

He admires the carefreeness of the Kenyans. He says he is now challenging himself "to expect the best, but be willing to be excited no matter what situation"; as in on "good" and "bad" running days. Check out a nice article about his leap of faith HERE!

If you're curious about the Fun Foods we ate on our trip, click on the link!

For some tips from ME about getting a Marathon PR -- racing YOUR best, click on the link!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What are your big, impossible dreams? Have any come true?

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