Sunday, January 29, 2012

Apple Brownie Sandwich

First of all, thank you, Lisa, for your fabulous idea about Brownie Bites and Apple Sandwiches!

Yum! And believe it or not, I have a child who does not like apples, UNTIL now! I am teaching her to be open-minded about trying new things because a) of the health benefits -- this is actually convincing to her!, b) it is more fun to "like" things than not to!, and c) our taste preferences ACTUALLY change, and she has experienced this first hand :)

First make a batch of Brownie Bite Laraballs.

Then slices some apples, make some sandwiches, and enjoy!

Good luck seeing more than one sandwich all put together at once -- they'll be eaten pretty instantly! To me, they sort of taste like candy apples! Then I had another idea -- Choco-Candy Apple Parfaits! Check 'em out!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What is your favorite fruit to combine with chocolate? Or are you like my hubby, and prefer (mostly) not to mess with your chocolate, and eat it plain?

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