Thursday, January 5, 2012

3-Ingredient Super-Shake!

3-Ingredient Super-Shake

1 c almond milk (substitute non-dairy kefir* or other non-dairy milk)

¼ c chia seeds (read about healthy fat!)
1 c berries
Optional: 1/4 c unsweetened cocoa (click here for more chocolate and berry treats!)
Blend and enjoy!
*I haven't ever made my own non-dairy kefir, but here is a link if you want to try!

KEFIR is awesome! It has lots of vitamins, minerals, and protein! The best part-- it's loaded with HEALTHY BACTERIA! Have you heard of the health benefits of yogurt? Immunity, digestive, vaginal, and bladder health, and much more -- read here! Well, kefir can provide “yogurt benefits” much more POTENTLY, since it contains many different cultures, while some yogurts only offer one!

CHIA seeds are awesome! Jam-packed with nutrients and used for 1000s of years as a sports and energy staple! The coolest nutrition it provides is omega-3 fat: the thing that is so great about FISH, AND a nutrient in which 98% of the American population is deficient!   The seeds are teeny tiny, super cute, and you can add them to just about any food! This of course could be a whole other post too, but for now, just read this great article if you want to know more about chia! And/or read this book: Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Ever Seen by Christopher McGougall.

BERRIES are awesome! Full of ANTIOXIDANTS (a bit more here under #3), vitamins, sweetness, and flavor! You’ve probably heard all about them. They help your brain keep working well, and keep the cancer away! You can get them frozen and organic at Costco, for a fraction of the cost at another grocer, and frozen makes this drink really like a dessert! You can even eat it with a spoon if you eat quickly!



The finished product!

A very happy and satisfied taster!

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TELL ME IN A COMMENT! Do you make smoothies? Do you add sugar/honey/juice? Have you tried skipping those sweeteners? What is your favorite flavor? What about adding veggies? Other powders, flax, wheat bran, powdered milk? Nuts/nut butters?


Kim M. said...

Thank you so much for your great posts! My 3 yr old drinks Kefir every morning but I haven't tried making smoothies with it yet. I add flax & wheat germ and sometimes nutritional yeast to my smoothies, but I have never heard of Chia seeds---are they hard to find? I can't wait to try them.

Fresh-You said...

You're welcome! And thank YOU for your comment! That's awesome that your daughter drinks so much kefir -- my kids love it too :) All of your extras are great! Chia used to be harder to get, but it's quite widely available now; I bet you can get it at your grocery store. Costco even sells a huge bag of it! Once you try them, you'll see you can throw them in almost anything!

Amy Anthony said...

Hey Colleen. I walked into Heinen's today and the Chia seeds were front and center near the nuts. I can't wait to try them. So I wanted to ask you (but I never run into you) about juicing versus blending/shakes. I have always made shakes and smoothies but got a juicer for Christmas. i tried it today and while the juice was great, I guess I can't see the benefit versus putting the entire thing into a blender. If you juice a carrot, don't you loose all the fiber? Anyway, I am going to try your smoothie tomorrow! I love your posts. I have shared w several friends. Happy New Year! Amy

Fresh-You said...

Amy, thanks for the chia/Heinens tip! I mostly shop at Costco! Good question about the juicer - you are totally correct about it! Blending is much wiser! You lose the majority of the fiber, which has a billion benefits! Those who argue in favor of juicing say that you can better absorb the nutrients, however there is no scientific evidence of this. Our bodies are made to digest food, and like it goes with the muscles in our legs - use it or lose it! In other words, all the fiber is a good workout for our intestines. One warning, is that you should add fiber in to your diet gradually, if you are not used to consuming it regularly.

ellen said...

I love your recipes and ideas. However, the light green/yellow text is very difficult to read. Please switch to a darker color. Thanks!


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