Sunday, January 29, 2012

Choco-Candy Apple Parfait!

THESE are awesome!

Thanks again to Lisa, for her fabulous idea about Brownie Bites and Apple Sandwiches!  It was from that idea that I got another idea!  Choco-CANDY APPLE Parfaits!  The apple sandwiches are delightful!  For kids, even though they think they're really cool, it can be just a little messy.

SO I thought of putting it all in a bowl with chopped apples, then I thought the creamy yogurt on top would be perfect!

Brownie Bites
Apples, chopped
Non-dairy yogurt, plain

Greek yogurt is so super creamy and rich that fat-free is about all you'll find!

Fill the bottom of the bowl with 1/2 c or so yogurt.
Cover with Brownie Bite crumble (maybe 1/8 c).
Add about 1/2 an apple chopped up.
Add another dopple of yogurt.
Sprinkle a bit more Brownie Bite crumble.
You can even add a piece of dark chocolate for fun!

The possibilities here are endless!
Try any Laraball flavor and any fruit!  Yum!

Chocolate Cherry Torte with mixed berries?
Skinny Mints and bananas?
Cranberry Confections with fresh cranberries?  ...might have to wait for Thanksgiving for this one!
Carrot Cake with bananas?

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  What combination do you like best?  Have other ideas?

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