Monday, January 23, 2012


CHOCOLATE EATING TIPS to get the most out of your sweets (Health and Happiness Benefits of Chocolate, Heart Health Benefits of Chocolate)
  1. Choose DARK chocolate as it contains much greater quantities of the beneficial flavonoids.
  2. Replace other less healthy treats with DARK chocolate, rather than just adding it to your diet.
  3. Don't eat your chocolate with milk, -- TEAR! I love milk with chocolate! --research shows that milk may decrease your absorption of the healthy antioxidants contained in chocolate!
  4. Know your labels -- avoid MILK fat, milk butter, in the ingredients list, as well as sugar, by many names, and lots of added ingredients.
  5. Look for the highest content of cocoa, though the higher % makes for more bitter candy (65% or more is a good rule).
  6. Regarding fat, opt for cocoa butter in the ingredients list. This is a saturated fat, however it is in the form of stearic acid, which acts more like a monounsaturated fat than a saturated fat, in not affecting cholesterol the way saturated fat normally raises cholesterol levels.
  7. Benefits of chocolate are seen in as little as 0.5-1 oz a few times per week!
  8. Unsweetened cocoa is a wonderful option as it is power packed with heart-healthy flavonoids!
For some chocolatey recipes: try Chocolatey Oatmeal, 5-minute Brownies, Chocolate Berry Smoothie (add 1/4 c unsweetened cocoa to 3-Ingredient Super Shake), Skinny Mints, or Chocolate Cherry Torte Laraballs!

Also, visit for some great treats! You can see some of my favorites HERE!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you like dark or milk or white chocolate best? "Like" my Facebook page HERE or write a comment here for a chance to win a batch of Laraballs! My first contest! We'll see how it goes!

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