Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chipolte Anyone?! Spice Up Your Order with Health!

I love Chipolte! And eating there doesn't have to be a "2000 calorie jamboree!" I loved that, Julie!

With some adjustments to your usual order eating out at Chipolte can be a healthy experience!

Start with a burrito in a bowl (SUBTRACT 290-CALORIE white tortilla).

Next, ask for BROWN rice. This great NEW addition to Chipolte's menu is not even on their website yet!

Choose the BEANS AND SALSA that you like best; just be sure to take BOTH! The corn salsa has more calories, but they are healthy calories! If you really want to cut calories, pick one of the other 3 salsa varieties AND make it a "salad" (adds lettuce and omits rice)! Black beans are the ideal choice, if you have no preference. All beans are super nutritious, but the darker in color, the more phytochemicals.

A more FUN change is to ask for the guacamole! It adds calories, but they are ALL healthy calories, healthy fat, and who can pass up FRESH guacamole! Yum, I can taste it now! Maybe that's because I actually did just eat this (click here)! which tastes very similar to Chipolte, actually! And look how pretty!

This is a big one, SKIP the meat AND cheese AND sour cream. To ease into this adjustment, ask for 25% of the cheese (This will get you half. If you just ask for half, you might get nearly the full serving.) This change REDUCES SATURATED FAT of your meal by 12 grams.

Perhaps make just ONE order-change PER VISIT, if you're overwhelmed, and think I'm stealing your burrito! Gradual changes are going to STICK -- become "what you do", rather than "just a phase".

TELL ME IN A COMMENT! Do you try to order out healthy sometimes? Or do you save your healthy eating for at home? What tricks do you use to cut the calories at your favorite restaurant?

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