Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top 3 Reasons I HEART Chocolate!

Why is Chocolate SO Crazy Cool?!

1. Chocolate LIFTS OUR MOOD, makes us feel better, makes us HAPPY!!!  

We all knew this right!? -- there are actually several chemicals in chocolate responsible for its remarkable effects on our mood!
  1. THEOBROMINE -- releases pleasurable endorphins and potentiates dopamine's action (DOPAMINE is associated with sexual arousal and pleasure) -- response to chocolate is similar to what happens physiologically when people are infatuated or fall in LOVE!
  2. It also contains chemicals affect the same pathway (CANNABINOID) that marijuana does -- providing feelings of ELATION and EXHILARATION!
  3. It ALSO boosts SEROTONIN levels! PAXIL, ZOLOFT, and PROZAC are all antidepressant drugs that act to raise serotonin levels!

2. Chocolate is Beneficial to Our OVERALL HEALTH, including Cancer Prevention

  • Abundance of Antioxidants (from the phytochemicals in chocolate called Flavonoids) -- reduce ongoing cellular and arterial damage from oxidation
  • Lower levels of C-Reactive Protein (CRP is a marker of inflammation)
  • Reduce cellular damage that can spur tumor growth
  • Lower blood pressure -- REDUCING RISK for many health problems from diabetes to dementia
  • Improved blood flow to the BRAIN -- improves MENTAL FUNCTION!

3. HEART Health -- this is a big one! There are so many ways that cocoa and dark chocolate help you keep a healthy heart, including mega antioxidant activity and lowering your blood pressure! READ on here to find out all about how CHOCOLATE HELPS YOUR HEART!

Anything that can help you be healthier is worth a try right?! And we're talking about CHOCOLATE!!

Now, if you want to get the full benefit, be sure to check out these CHOCOLATE EATING TIPS!

Here are some chocolatey recipes to try!

Chocolatey Oatmeal, 5-minute Brownies, Chocolate Berry Smoothie (add 1/4 c unsweetened cocoa to 3-Ingredient Super Shake), Skinny Mints, or Chocolate Cherry Torte Laraballs!

Also, visit for some great treats! You can see some of my favorites HERE!

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WHAT DO YOU THINK?  What is your favorite form of chocolate?  bars, desserts, dips, any way!, ice cream...

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