Monday, January 2, 2012

3 Ingredient, Healthy, Late-Night Snack

Simply toast a bagel-thin (fiber-rich with only 100 calories per bagel).

Spread it generously with hummus, and top with cucumber slices! Whole wheat bread is the way to go!

Hummus contains the superfoods: beans (garbanzo), nuts (sesame seed paste called tahini), and garlic! The fiber, healthy fat, and protein combination will allow you to be satisfied without going wild with a huge late-night meal!

Try Heavenly Hummus!

 These three nutrients: fiber, healthy fat, and protein should all be included in every meal! They help you feel full sooner and satisfied longer, and keep your blood sugar levels steady.

 Regarding hummus, you can make your own cheaply, easily, and it's delicious and fresh! Or if you go to Costco, you could buy a large tub of it (shown in pic) for a better deal than at any grocery store. It tastes EXACTLY like our recipe, SO we have opted, lately, for the convenience option. The ingredients list is wonderful!


Or you could make these cutie-pie little sandwiches :)

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TELL ME IN A COMMENT: DO you eat late night snacks? DO you always crave the same thing? Do you ever notice it's happened when you didn't eat much for dinner? I tend to get hungry if I stay up a lot later than usual, and over the holidays, I have been staying up much too late!

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