Thursday, January 26, 2012

Athlinks: a Rad Results Record for Runners!

ATHLINKS is an awesome website for RUNNERS and other endurance athletes to keep track of ALL of their RESULTS in one place!  If the results of a race were ever published on the Internet, they can be included in your data!

It sorts your race results out different ways, so you can see your most RECENT races:

You can see your races divided up into different events and distances.

Here is my marathon history over the last 9 years:

As you can see, it provides your average time at a given distance, as well as indicating your personal record (PR).  For me, it was my most recent marathon in Houston!  I have a  big, fun post to do for that trip some day soon!

When you visit the site TODAY, you can "claim" your results.  To all you married women who have run races under another name, I know you'll be sure to search your MAIDEN name too!  If you ever sign up with a nickname, such as Mike, and sometimes use Michael, check those different names as well.

If there are races that you recall completing, which aren't listed, you can find the event online and SUBMIT those results to be included in your summary as well.  Note that this process takes a few days.  If it's a recent race, give athlinks some time to get it posted.  Larger events tend to be added more quickly.

While runners are sure to enjoy this site, other endurance events may be listed as well.  Triathlons for one!

Something else on the site that is kinda cool is that it displays "rivals"...I haven't really looked much at mine, and at a glance no one is familiar, but perhaps you will see a familiar face that way!  I see potential to set up group runs, etc.!

If you think this is cool too, "like" the post on FB and help another runner to discover it's coolness!

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Do you like to look at all the numbers, pace, lap times, place, ... are you a stats-kind of runner or more of a "Zen" athlete?  I definitely am interested in in all the numbers, but have been enjoying plenty of zen-runs in the last several months, and am loving it ...when I come back in though ...I'm eventually checking out all the stats!

Also, do you eat before you run in the morning?  If the answer is no, or if you want to see why your answer of yes, is a good one, read HERE to see the top 7 reasons!


Tara said...

I've been a member of athlinks for a while! It's such a cool website. I definitely do a little stalking on there to see other people's times. I love how you can also see how you have (hopefully) improved over time!

Fresh-You said...

Yes, seeing improvement is awesome, Tara!! Have a great weekend! Happy blogiversary to you!


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