Friday, April 20, 2012

Better Baking Breadcrumbs!

How will you try this Healthy Breading /Breadcrumb Alternative!?

For Healthy Breadcrumbs -- Use the following in Equal Parts:

Nutritional yeast
Chia seeds
Wheat germ
Flaxseed, ground

You could also add ground almonds, or any nut!, or some wheat bran!

Use this on anything you want to bread or as a topping to any casserole or other baked item.

Sprinkle it over veggies you are baking or anything at all!

It's the perfect alternative to traditional breadcrumbs, which are ENRICHED, filled with salt and other preservatives, and perhaps sugar.

If you prefer Italian flavored breading, just add whatever spices you fancy!

Nutritional yeast is a super, non-dairy Parmesan cheese substitute! 

CHIA seeds -- are superfoods for so many reasons, high in protein and fiber, as well as many vitamins and minerals, and they are high in omega-3 fats!

WHEAT germ -- this is basically the "embryo" of the grain -- so it's gotta have all the good stuff -- great source of iron and zinc, and one of the very best sources of folic acid, the nutrient so important for women of child-bearing age to get plenty of, to avoid birth defects, fiber, and phytochemicals that work as antioxidants!

Always (once opened) store in refrigerator in tightly sealed container to avoid rancidity.

Flaxseeds additionally provide fiber and omega-3 fats!

Try it this weekend, and instead of giving your family empty calories, you can give them all the extra nutrients that the above ingredients provide!

COMMENTS: What dishes do you use breading for?  Can you think of any good uses for Better Baking Breadcrumbs?

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