Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 10 Reasons You'll Love Garmin Connect!

If you enjoy walk OR running outside, I recommend you invest in a Garmin GPS watch!  The sooner you do, the sooner, you'll be walking or running MORE and FASTER!!!  Runners likely need no further persuading, but walkers (perhaps those wanting to LOSE WEIGHT!)...MORE, FASTER walking = MORE, FASTER weight loss!

This is the watch I use:

and the corresponding Garmin website is Garmin Connect!

Top 10 Reasons Why YOU'LL LOVE Garmin Connect (and a GPS watch)!

It's SUPER-EASY and AUTOMATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is what it does:

1.  MOTIVATES by showing your progress, increases in MILEAGE, per session, per week, per year!

2.  MOTIVATES by showing your IMPROVEMENTS in speed, pace, and heart rate!

3.  PACES you by providing a DISPLAY of whatever you want while you run: current pace or speed, average pace or speed, distance, time, etc., you can even have a rotating display.

4.  FREES you to run wherever -- you can head out the door with out a perfectly planned route set ahead of time.  Want to go 4 miles, head out for 2 and turn around, or wander around the neighborhood and stopping when you reach a distance of 4 miles.  No need to drive around measuring distance in a car, or even spending time planning with Mapquest or Google Maps.

5. SORTS your data, "Activities",  by any parameter you choose -- PACE and DISTANCE are my favorites.  So you can see runs listed in order of your longest or fastest runs!

6.  REPORTS -- summaries of your data -- any way you like -- you may choose weekly, monthly, etc. reports, and you can choose how much of your data you'd like to be included, whatever range of data you choose: "last 30 days". "last year", etc  -- I always choose "All Days"!

7.  ALLOWS "ZEN running", and then you can analyze your workout afterward!

8. RECORDS mile lap SPLITS automatically, so you don't even have to press a button!

9.  SUMMARIZES each workout with one click -- you get a MAP of your route, a chart of ELEVATION and speed all through the workout, as well as lap SPLITS with fastest pace/speed and max speed for the lap.

10.  If you get stuck running indoors, you can also ADD workouts manually, so they'll be included in your totals!

And much, much MORE!  This should count as a reason because there is really lots more that this watch and website can do for YOU!)
It provides a calendar view, here you can also see weekly mileage:

Here is a view of the "Reports" -- choosing type of summary, and below you select time frame you want to view, such as "This Year".  I've run 2000 miles since my baby (almost 2 yr) was born!

This is a view of a single run.  Again, you can view splits, a map, elevation and speed charts, and you have a place to make notes, such as the weather, what you ate before, how the workout felt, etc.

BONUS TIP: if you do add a workout manually, add it from the "Activities" tab, rather than the "Calendar" tab.  For some reason, it only calculates pace when you do it this way.

I'm sure there is much more I could tell you about this awesome technology, but this is plenty to get you started!  Happy walking/running!  I'm sure this will get you MOTIVATED, especially if you are a "numbers person"!

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COMMENTS:  How do you get motivated?  Are you a "numbers person"?

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