Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Five Coffee Tricks!

Looking for a little caffeine boost that won't keep you up all night?

1. Try DECAFFEINATED coffee.  Not much of a trick, but DID YOU KNOW that there are about 20mg of caffeine in a cup of decaf?  Plus, try spicing it up with #4!


15-30mg -- Green tea, Special Dark Bar, DECAF Coffee
40-70mg -- Black tea, colas, Mountain Dew, espresso
FDA limits amount of caffeine in pop to 71mg and Mountain Dew has this maximal level
100-200mg -- Coffee

Note: drink for drink, coffee has more caffeine than espresso!  Ounce for ounce, espresso leads!

2. ALTER YOUR INTAKE -- try any COMBINATION of regular and decaf.

For example, 1/2 and 1/2, a quarter regular, or a quarter decaf.

3. If you're anything like me, and the simple THOUGHT of coffee gives you energy, 
then try this SWITCH-A-ROO.

Fill a regular tin of coffee with decaffeinated coffee.  Just a little mental trick; you'll see a container of "regular" every time you use it!

If you like to drink several cups of coffee, your body can take in the caffeine a bit more SLOWLY, and enjoy your cup(s) over a longer period of time.

4. Now for the FLAVOR trick!

My favorite Keurig flavor is LIMITED EDITION PUMPKIN SPICE -- Yum!!

Now all you have to do is sprinkle a little PUMPKIN PIE SPICE and stir it in with a scoop of instant coffee and hit the HOT WATER button on your Keurig coffee machine!  Save yourself the 50 cents of a K-cup!

Add a little almond milk and viola!


5. To make it more like an actual latte (don't be too mad at me coffee connoisseurs!...remember, I try to make things simple, fast, healthy), add 4 oz almond milk to your mug before you add 4 oz hot water from the Keurig Brewer.  You will probably then want to warm your drink in the microwave for about 45 sec., and enjoy!

COMMENTS: Do you like instant or regular? Decaf or regular? Flavored or regular? Single cup or a pot? At home or out? Black or creamy? I suppose I could go on forever with these!

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