Thursday, April 5, 2012

Four Fun Freezer Foods!

The FREEZER helps make healthy foods YUMMY and CONVENIENT!

Here we have a DELICIOUS SORBET -- super easy!!  Just let some frozen fruit thaw a bit, OR defrost in the microwave for a minute, blend, and QUICKLY enjoy!

Below is a Raspberry Sorbet (1 c frozen raspberries + 1/4 c 100% tart cherry juice)

Tart cherries contain high levels of MELATONIN, so they help you sleep!
You can get juice almost anywhere, and Gordon Foods has a huge, delicious bag of frozen, unsweetened tart cherries, yum!  Those are another awesome frozen treat!  You can pop 'em in your mouth one by one -- we are out, and my mouth is watering now!

These little gems are from Trader Joe's, and I have also seen them at Whole Foods.  DOROT's Chopped Cilantro!

Each frozen cube is a teaspoon of frozen herb -- I love the CILANTRO because that's all you need, perhaps, 2 cubes, to make a dish taste FRESH out of the garden!  There is also BASIL, but I usually use a lot more basil at once, still they're awesome!

This is a bag of frozen hunks (made by me!) of canned pumpkin puree.  This is awesome for baby food and baking...think muffins, cookies, cakes!  I (my husband I think!) found a super deal on Amazon for ORGANIC CANNED PUMPKIN!  I gotta tell ya -- I got 2 cases (24 cans) of it for $20 total!  It's organic!!  I SO wish I bought more!  We found the deal on -- if you like finding bargains, check the website -- but be warned that it's really dangerous to your wallet at Christmas time!

  • Scoop out whatever size you think will be useful to you, mine are maybe 1/4 c (though I didn't measure!) onto a plate or cookie sheet, some people use ice cube trays.  I also love to use my silicone cupcake pans!  
  • Freeze.  
  • Remove from freezer and fill in a freezer bag, as shown below, if that'll work best for you for storage in your freezer.  
  • Now, like the spices above, you can pull out a pumpkin (or other puree) hunk in a flash and pop it into whatever you're making!

To make a variety of healthy ice creams, freeze banana in pieces in a plastic container, or as described above!  Frozen banana provides a perfect BASE for ice cream -- great TEXTURE and SWEETNESS!  Coming soon ...CAFE MOCHA flavor!
COMMENTS:  Do you love your freezer like me?  Do you use it in any ways you'd like to share, so others can do it too!?

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