Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 QUICK Tips for 5k-Training Success!

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Training Running Tips!

Here I ran a 1-mile race with my daughter who was 3 years old!

Running an exercise that's easy to do with your kids!

REMEMBER these Quick Tips for 5k Training Success!
1. Start off EASY -- it's perfectly acceptable to WALK when you need to; you can even plan out your walking!
See Jeff Galloway's Marathon: You Can Do It!

2. It's great to have a RUNNING PARTNER -- you'll know he or she is counting on you, so you will show up!  Plus, it's so fun to chat and laugh along the way -- miles and minutes go by and before your know it, you're done!

3. LISTEN to your body -- if you are very sore, don't be afraid to take an extra day off. Schedules are great for keeping you on track, but consider them a GUIDELINE. It's ok to miss a day!

4. CROSS-TRAINING is your friend.  You can increase fitness with another non-running activity to prevent boredom, as well as localized fatigue. You use different muscles to swim than you do to run!

5. Please don't go TOO fast, TOO long, or run TOO much mileage per week!  

The key to improving is to KEEP running! If you do too much too fast you'll get HURT, and if you're lucky enough NOT to get hurt, you might not LIKE what you're doing because it'll be too HARD ... so you might quit, or just suffer through it! I WANT YOU TO ENJOY IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH!

Be patient. You will improve. Just keep at it and you'll keep reaping all the benefits from this post: Top 10 Reasons to Run a 5k!

If you want to track your progress FROM the beginning -- check out this post about a fun gadget and website! ...it's all about the capabilities of GPS!

MORE to come: links to training programs - key elements - find a race!

COMMENTS: Signed up yet? Tell everyone about it -- you're more likely to COMPLETE your goal if you do!

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