Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick! Pick a Race, and Grab a Training Schedule!

Ok, so what now?

Find a running RACE!

Run for the Grapes, 2010, 5K, in Geneva, OH

Click here -- -- for a search anywhere and also including other activities, such as triathlons!
Search a keyword, sport, location, distance, date, and more!

Click here -- Runner's World -- for a RACE FINDER for anywhere in the world!
Mostly bigger races will be listed on the Runner's World website (awesome magazine to subscribe to if you're looking for some interesting reading about "all things running" and inspiration! is a link to two free issues!)

Click here -- Run Ohio -- to find a race in Ohio! (only the current month is available online or you can subscribe for $10 per year).

Towpath Marathon, 2011

Click here for Achilles Racing -- Cleveland's new Running Organization! (formerly Cleveland Plays)

Click here -- Hermes Road Racing -- for mostly Cleveland Races!

Running TRAINING Programs!

Hal Higdon has well written PROGRAMS for many distances (5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, and more!), as well as levels of skill: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  

Really though, an advanced athlete could complete a "beginner" or novice training and find success. The level of difficulty often relates to the total mileage. In addition to running more miles, intensity increases with increase in pace, speed, number of repeats, etc.

Another great site for TRAINING tips, recommended training paces, and running calculator (to tell you what time you might expect at a race) is discussed HERE -- Wonder How Fast You'll Run?!


Click here to find out all about Athlinks -- a RESULTS website -- you can keep track over time, your progress over the course of the MANY races in your future!

Click here to read about the REASONS to run (Benefits of training for/running) a RACE!

My kindergartner said "Mom, I bet this is your favorite homework ever!" 
...she also came up with the  "I like to run." all on her own, bless her heart :)

COMMENTS: Have you ever run a race? Have you started to participate in a new sport for the first time as an adult? I am thrilled for a friend of mine who is really enjoying tennis -- it's all new to her! So fun and exciting!

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