Monday, April 9, 2012

We Gotta Chill!

This could be the start to some sort of chocolaty relaxation post...

Instead, it's about CHILLING foods properly!

There are 4 C's (C-sound actually :) for keeping foods safe to eat!


We've discussed the importance of cooking to proper temperatures, and here is a link to that post: SOME LIKE IT HOT!

We work so hard to prepare food for our families and ourselves!  Why waste that effort with unnecessary illness?

CHILLING -- Cold temperatures SLOW the growth of illness-causing bacteria!

1. Refrigerate LEFTOVERS and other perishable foods within 2 hours.

2. In summer, when it's really hot, cut time to 1 HOUR!

3. Your frig should be NO warmer than 40 degrees, and your freezer should be 0 degrees or colder.

4. Make sure your frig isn't TOO STUFFED.  Air must circulate in there to keep things cool (therefore SLOWING BACTERIAL GROWTH!).

5. Store food in SHALLOW containers, so they'll chill FASTER.

6. THAW frozen food one of 3 SAFE ways: 1) in the frig, 2) in a sealed plastic bag in cold water (change water every 30 min), or 3) in the microwave.  NEVER OUT on COUNTER!

7. Always MARINATE in frig.

8. Know WHEN to throw food away -- OFTEN you can't tell by SMELL or LOOK if your leftovers or other refrigerated foods have gone bad (HARMFUL BACTERIA has begun growing).

Here is a chart of various food items from : STORAGE TIMES for the FRIG and FREEZER

COMMENTS: Have you ever had the 24-hour flu?  MOST cases are from food-borne illness!

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