Friday, April 27, 2012

Fresh, Local, and Organic, Oh My!

What is CSA anyway?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program or agreement between farmers and customers. Customers buy "shares" in the farm, paying up-front, and then collect fresh produce weekly during the growing season.  CUSTOMERS and FARMERS both can SAVE money by eliminating a middleman.

Since this arrangement is beneficial to everyone, it's become very popular.  There are currently over 4000 FARMS across the country that are listed in Local Harvest's database -- the website has a very detailed search to find the farm that is right for you!  You can search for everything from CSAs, to Farmer's Markets, to Co-ops and more!  Click HERE to check out Local Harvest!

TOP 6 Reasons to Participate in CSA!

1. ORGANIC veggies -- VERY OFTEN ORGANIC, sometimes unofficially labeled as such, since such certification is expensive, too expensive for some small farms.  Another post coming regarding "organic"!

2. Support LOCAL business! ...give the farmers the start-up cash they need to get their farm growing early in the season!

3. Try NEW foods and recipes! (I'll share the recipes as usual!)  You will probably receive items that you are unfamiliar with, or at least don't regularly purchase!
Please share your recipes and ideas on as you try new veggies!

4. Children's FARM VISIT (and adults really -- it's nice to see where your food comes from!) -- for kids, they'll be more likely to eat what they know more about, are involved with, etc.  Click HERE for more TIPS for FEEDING Picky Eaters!

5. Great VALUE for awesome QUALITY (I'm hoping!) discussed above -- no middleman, organic, fresh picked veggies!!

6. SAVE time AND money!  -- you don't have to spend time in the grocery store picking out the best produce...also avoid buying "extra" foods at the grocery store that you don't need, ...and your health probably could also do without!

Specifics, based on what I have found here in Cleveland!  THIS IS MY FIRST TIME!

I found this photo from someone who signed up with Geauga Family Farms last year.
This was a weekly pick-up stash from last September -- looks pretty good to me!
Oh, the rainbow!!  Thanks for the photo from!


Remember to search to find a farm near you!!!


Half - $425 for 20 weeks

Full - $700 for 20 weeks, more variety, quantity, better deal!

Share with a neighbors and/or friends...a "Full" divided 3 ways costs only $11.66 per week!

Geauga Family Farm payments are due on MAY 1st!

COMING SOON: Grow YOUR OWN Garden!, Questions Answered about ORGANIC Produce, Benefits of MORE Veggies


Anna Eaton said... is a week by week CSA

Fresh-You said...

Thanks SO much Anna! That's a great option, especially for those who don't want such a big investment in something they are unsure of, and others who will be spending a lot of time out-of-town!! Will you use this CSA group/farm, and have you used it before?


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