Thursday, July 19, 2012

EAT for Energy -- Grains and Nuts -- Top 6 Reasons!

Edible Energy -- Whole Grains and Nuts!

#1 Both WHOLE GRAINS and NUTS provide healthy CARBS (more in grains) -- food for sustained energy and steady blood sugar levels! Read about Great Grains!

#2 Nuts provide PROTEIN and FAT (more in nuts) which slow absorption, which again provide for steady energy and blood sugar levels!

#3 Since low levels have been linked to fatigue, MAGNESIUM, found in nuts and whole grains, may help to increase energy!

#4 FIBER in these foods, as well as fruits, veggies, and beans, slows digestion, which like the like the other nutrients listed above, slowly releases energy, so you won't just have a big energy blast and crash.

#5 FLUID from drinks AND fruits and veggies -- provides energy! If you're dehydrated, you're body will work less efficiently in many ways (metabolism, cooling, breathing, cardiac function!), and exercise particularly, will feel easier when you're well hydrated!

#6 CAFFEINE! A famous energy source -- learn more about other benefits HERE! Coffee and Green Tea and Chocolate are great sources with other benefits too -- click on them to learn more!

Taking a SHORT nap OR a brisk walk (or other EXERCISE) helps too! (Read about this and 4 other Busted Health Myths!)

So try a new Laraball recipe, Lemon Bars, or ANOTHER NUT recipe!

COMING SOON!  Chocolate processing, complete plant proteins, and a single exercise that works your body hard!

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