Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learn about Green Coffee!

GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT may be a really healthy substance!

If you don't like the taste of coffee, this may be the ENERGY booster for you!  Since it is TASTELESS, you can add it any type of flavored drink you love, and enjoy!

For your caffeine meter: it has quite a bit less caffeine than regular coffee; more in the area of tea regarding levels of caffeine.

Note: I do NOT recommend GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT in supplement form, nor am I certain it will promote weight loss, but it isn't likely to be of any harm, so why not give it a TRY!  Below is a quick intro from Dr Oz and Dr Lindsay Duncan.  The first part of the video is most informative, since the last 2 min or so are two women talking about their weight loss experience.

I haven't tried this substance (other than the "flavor" in Starbucks Refreshers, which I will not be purchasing again!), nor do I have a great place to direct you to it for sure, but there definitely are places online selling green coffee, so if you're interested, go for it!

Again, I would NOT buy the supplement, UNLESS you can find something with a USP seal, or something approved by  These requirements will ensure you are consuming a safe product, and without them, you may be consuming dangerous substances since there is NO regulation of dietary SUPPLEMENTS!

COMING SOON: a post about dietary supplements!

Read about COFFEE BENEFITS or GREEN TEA BENEFITS (perhaps green coffee will result in similar benefits!).

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