Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rewind on Starbucks Refreshers!

Should have known! ...a drink offered FREE on Friday the 13th would be bad luck! Thanks to Lisa and Vani 
at 100 Days of Real Food and Food BabeI got the REAL info about Starbucks REFRESHERS (a new drink with a description that had REAL HEALTH promise!)!

From 100 Days of Real Food and Food Babe!

Actual Ingredients List!

Here is the full post, which also includes reviews of several other Starbucks products!

I searched and searched for the nutrition information,
but in the end, relied on the Starbucks description for my previous, REMOVED post:..."I am curious about ingredients LIST, haven't seen that yet". Vani got the scoop reading the BOX the barista was using! For other drink ingredients, she direct emailed Starbucks Customer Service -- smart woman!

Click here for tips on READING FOOD LABELS.

The hip new drink CLAIMS...RUIT, Cucumber, REAL fruit juice, and MINT, as well as an ingredient called GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT, which may be a really healthy substance. Here are the facts!

NO - fresh fruit, herbs, juice!
YES - sugar as the top ingredient (other than water).
NO - green coffee extract!
YES - "green coffee flavor".
But GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT has NO flavor, so what's the point?!

Unfortunately Unhealthy Option :(

Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refresher
Made me think SANGRIA ...darn :(
Click here for 
a Berry post!

Cool Lime Starbucks Refresher
Made me think MOJITO :(
Instead of a pricey Kool-Aid drink, why not get some GREEN TEA and splurge on a yummy pack of Peeled dried mango! for a YUMMY STARBUCKS SNACK!

100 Days is an AWESOME WEBSITE!
Vani (Food Babe) does investigations on different topics for 100 Days, and she has a blog that looks pretty awesome as well, with great recipes, visuals, and detailed information!

COMMENTS: I try hard to tell people what TO EAT, rather than what NOT TO, more fun and positive! However, since I recommended this drink last week, I really thought I should correct myself with my new knowledge of the products! On the bright side, perhaps, I will come up with a great drink, from Starbucks lovely Refreshers descriptions!  Which drink looks better to you?! 

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