Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colleen's Costco Cart

I LOVE Costco -- check out some healthy Costco Choices!  These are some things I got on my last big (photographed) trip to Costco.  It was expensive, but lots of this stuff lasts a LONG TIME.


Costco often offers ORGANIC fresh and frozen options, and this is amazing -- they are often LESS expensive than the conventional version at your regular grocery store! Corn, broccoli, and berries are three examples of organic for a super-BARGAIN!! The more WE keep buying organic, the cheaper organic will be -- so stock up!! In the meantime, read #11 in this post for a simple way to clean produce!


Organic greens: salad, spinach, and baby kale, as well as organic carrots from the fresh produce section are awesome -- great price, great food!

Organic strawberries are more expensive, still they are a good place to spend your money, if you choose. Strawberries are a fruit that is normally a lot higher in pesticide content. Also, as you might guess, organic strawberries are a steal at Costco compared to wherever else you'll find organic strawberries.

Avocados are an awesome deal at Costco. It's basically buy 4, get one free, or better, compared to other stores. If you worry that you couldn't use that many, check out how they can last up to 3 weeks or more (including ripening time) HERE! Also, avocado BENEFITS HERE!


FARRO and BLACK wild rice are great alternatives to your usual healthy grains. Farro can be used in place of and prepared similarly to rice. My pickiest child once said “this is my most favorite grain!” when enjoying some farro!

Get a huge supply of popcorn from Costco -- great for stove top or air-popping popcorn! Then, if you haven't yet, try lime-pepper popcorn right away!

I haven’t mastered the whole dried bean-soaking-cooking process, but we’ll talk more about that one day soon! It is certainly a great way to save money, and storage space! Above is a lovely mix of dried beans and lentils.

Costco’s brand, Kirkland, has come up with a whole-grain sandwich thin that is just like Arnold’s Sandwich Thins, which are a great grain option, high in fiber, and low in calories :)


These are two great snack options, especially for SCHOOL LUNCHES! Both products have NO-SUGAR ADDED and contain FIBER, vitamins, and minerals! Perfect alternatives to fruit roll-ups and fruit snacks!

Stretch Island Fruit Strips come in grape, strawberry, raspberry, apple, cherry, and apricot (the last 2 are my favorite flavors!). Individual packages are convenient and FUN for KIDS!

These Mariani dried apricots are delicious! Check 'em out more closely HERE!


Some healthy FATS! Natural peanut butter -- no sugar or hydrogenated oils Currently, made from conventional peanuts, since the peanut shortage, but hopefully this is a temporary change. Either way, the container is even bigger now, and a super-BARGAIN compared to prices at regular grocery stores! For a bit more about peanuts read HERE!

Pine nuts are great for PESTO -- recipe to come on another day -- so you can have homemade pesto in a flash, delicious and nutritious!! Great in summer when you can grow your own basil, or get some from a green-thumbed friend who does!

SATURATED fat that's harmful to your heart, arteries, and brain comes primarily from animal products. HEALTHY FATS come from plant sources.


While these products that are a bit lower in saturated fat, and provide PORTION control, however, I recommend instead, you FIND SOMETHING ELSE to enjoy - like some raspberries, or even non-dairy dark chocolate!

Costco has lots of sauce! Want a healthy MEAL in a flash -- just prepare a nice, healthy pasta (a whole-grain variety, or cook any pasta al dente -- like the Italians -- to slow the absorption!), and a quick veggie, and a meal is ready!

To read more about pasta sauce click here! The orange sauce is an eggplant product -- to read more about the health benefits of eggplant read here!

SHARE IF YOU DARE: What do you love at Costco?What foods and ways do you make the large Costco quantities not go to waste?
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