Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pizza and Post Pleasure!

Posting ON my birthday because I LOVE writing this blog! A bit of gratitude, and fun, family-favorite recipe!
Mouth-Watering Guacamole Pizza

FIRST, I'm so blessed and lucky to have a passion -- helping people learn how to be healthy, inside and out!

Since returning to Cleveland 4 years ago, I have so enjoyed FRESH-YOU Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness! I've been thrilled to teach and work with lovely people: one-on-one, in small group classes, and at presentations for large groups -- all interested in increasing their health and well being!

With 3 amazing children under 6, free time is sparse. Posting on gives me the opportunity to spread the "wellness" word, any time of day. THANK YOU for reading, experimenting, tasting, and having an OPEN MIND to what I have to offer!

I LOVE to hear that you have tried a new food or love a new recipe, or use suggestion or tip I've shared! I LOVE to hear how you change my recipes to make them just right for you! I LOVE when you share YOUR recipe and post ideas, as well as cool products, websites, tips, and habits YOU love!

ASK if you want to LEARN about any food, condition, or technique! Each time you submit a COMMENT or "LIKE" a post on my Facebook page OR on, you help another person to come across MY RECIPES AND TIPS and help them to become healthier too! Thanks again!


Guacamole Pizza is one of our very favorites! It's even on my business card! This is an easy, satisfying, and delicious source of healthy fat, high-quality protein, fiber, B-vitamins, vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, lycopene, and carotenoids!

It's a great idea for everyone to add vegetarian meals each week to anyone's diet. You choose!

Mouth-Watering Guacamole Pizza (easiest/fastest/healthiest version)

1 can diced tomatoes, drained
2 avocados, mashed
1/2-1 can Rotel (diced tomatoes and green chilies), drained*
Lime juice (fresh squeezed or ~4 True Citrus packets)
1 whole wheat pizza crust (Boboli or Mama Mary's are both great!)...or homemade!
*or ~1/2 c or so of any jarred or fresh salsa!

Spread guacamole over crust and top with tomatoes. Follow pizza crust directions for baking. Enjoy!

I was going to include two more great pizzas -- Barbecue Pizza and Artichoke Pizza, but those will have to be for another day! Isn't the video cool?!

SHARE IF YOU DARE! Do you make videos on your own? It's surprisingly easy, and the result is so fun! Windows Movie Maker and Picasa are effective, user friendly programs!


Shannon said...

Loved the video, I subscribed to you on You Tube! :)

Hope you're having a nice weekend so far!

Fresh-You said...

Oh, yes, and now I am off to run with a running group in the woods (I usually can't make it, but this weekend I can!)! Thanks for subscribing! I got the idea from you -- and replied there to your comment, thanks again, Shannon!


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