Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nut-Free, Gluten-Free No-Bake Crusty Apple Pie

To describe it, APPLE PIE -slash- PIE CRUST!

This isn't super-sweet, but remember there isn't any sugar!!

Something else the taste sort of reminds me of is granola -- tell me what you think when you try it!


This is the first Laraball with sunflower seeds -- so it's a safe snack for those of you with TREE NUT Allergies (or more likely moms with KIDS who have this allergy!), NOW you can try a Laraball!

Laraballs are always GLUTEN-FREE too!

If you like how it tastes, or even if not, you can still try the other flavors with sunflower seeds substituted for the nuts in any recipe.  Tell me what you think!

No-Bake Crusty Apple Pie

1/2 c sunflower seeds, raw, unsalted
1/2 c dried apples, unsweetened (or you can try it with some raisins and cherries)

Add 1 tsp water if mixture seems dry.
Optional: vanilla, cinnamon (I really didn't prefer the versions that included either, though there were a few raisins and cherries in all of my batches.

I used the fruit from a package from Costco -- see ingredients list below:
Ingredients list: apples, raisins, cherries.  (AWESOME!!)

The brand is Peeled Snacks and they also sell cherries-only packs that come out to I think $16/lb (with Subscribe & Save through, pretty expensive, makes me really want to consider trying a dehydrator, at least for expensive fruits or veggies, like cherries, not going for it yet though!

PS - the plastic container shown in first photo on the post is a baby food container, roughly the size of one part of an ice cube tray - my sister-in-law got them for me, 6 years ago!  So this is the best version I found on amazon: Laraball containers (as I use them for, and our family now calls them!).

SHARE IF YOU DARE!  What do you splurge on, food-wise?  I think dried cherries that are unsweetened -- Whole Foods USED to offer them, but they are hard to find, and I think I'd pay almost any price :)

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Fresh-You said...

Peeled Snacks just announced it is going to be available at all BJ's stores!!! Awesome! I just may have to get a membership!!


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