Thursday, February 9, 2012

Houston Recap

Healthy and DELICIOUS Eating Options on the Road
INSPIRATION from the pros, and
Tips to RUN a PR in your next Marathon!

My trip to Houston with my son and mom was SO perfect!

FUN FOODS -- TASTES from our TRIP (Update: my family and I no longer eat chicken or dairy, but I apparently still did on this trip, Jan, 2012)

Flying out of CLE?

CURRITOS! Start your trip off right by grabbing a yummy Currito burrito! Be sure to order the brown rice and whole wheat tortilla, and add guacamole! Ask the server to skip the cheese!
Curritos is located just to the right, after you pass through CLE Security.

Looking for a treat - a real treat - with a little nutrition too!
(From George Bush Airport in Houston (IAH))

Try a caramel APPLE ROLLED in PECANS!

The caramel is purely sugar, but the apple and nuts provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals! Plus, you can bring out "the kid inside" as you get your fingers all sticky and lick your lips! (IF stickiness isn’t your thing, they’re happy to cut it for you :)

A Houston Marathon Expo Highlight

We met some Larabar employees at their booth (photo below) -- I was starstruck for my favorite food product, possibly ever! Perhaps I will become a “Larabar Ambassador” one day!

Read HERE about Larabars AND about making your own Laraballs at home HERE!

I am not a burger person, BUT, we had dinner at this really cool place, The Burger Palace, I happened to have a delicious chicken sandwich, but that is not what I want to tell you about. Burger Palace makes burgers from this special Japanese breed of cattle which is substantially more nutritious than traditional beef, so I had to tell you about the place! Kobe beef is even considered a delicacy in Japan! Click on this link to see the nutritional benefits!

I've gotta tell you my favorite part of the meal -- dessert -- stocking up on carbs/calories the night before the race! A Toasted Almond Shake! "a nutty almond experience!" It was so surprisingly and delightfully delicious! -- recommended by a regular, I was thrilled with my choice, and savored every sip! I've gotta try to recreate a recipe!!!

Ah, California Pizza Kitchen! I guess I can mention the thin crust is a healthy choice, though California Pizza Kitchen isn't super healthy :~ I do make a healthier version of their signature pie -- The Original BBQ Chicken -- here is the recipe!

For INSPIRATION from an amazing experience AND from amazing athletes click HERE! Some really cool people and stories! From NEW MOMS to MARATHON-NEWBIES, you'll surely be motivated!

I had an awesome race! To read about the Top 6 WAYS to Run YOUR BEST Marathon click on the link!!

For more TIPS about Eating While TRAVELING, click on the link!

Also, if you want to see what the WEATHER will be like on a future date, anywhere in the WORLD, based on averages, go to this link!

WANT TO SHARE?  Do you like to try new restaurants or stick with what you know you love, your favorites?

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