Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wonder How Fast to Run? AWESOME Website for Runners!

Here is an AWESOME website for RUNNERS!

This is a fabulous resource for runners, and my very favorite part of the site is its running CALCULATOR!  It is very accurate compared to other methods available.  It even includes a PRINT button for printer-friendly results!

Take your result from a previous race -- enter your finish time and let it PREDICT YOUR PACE and time for another distance.  It is most accurate if the original time you use is actually an AVERAGE of your last 3 races.  If you use your personal record (PR), which is far better than your 'usual' results, your prediction time will likely be unrealistic.

Also, the closer the original distance is to your proposed distance, the more accurate the estimation will be.  For example, HALF marathon times, rather than 5k results, will more accurately predict marathon times.

You use this tool in EITHER direction.

If you want to achieve a certain time at a marathon for example, you can input that time and select marathon.  The report will show you what times you should be able to achieve at other distances.  If you really want to finish a marathon at that time, you should aim for the times at other distances in the report.  Again, your pace and time will also be included for your goal time at the marathon.

Also, when you put in a proposed goal time OR actual result, you can see the calculated pace for that time and distance, and the same for various other distances, AND you can see OPTIMAL TRAINING PACES (appropriate suggested times and ranges) for a VARIETY OF WORKOUTS, INCLUDING LONG RUNS, TEMPO RUNS, and SPEED, etc.

Happy pace predicting!!

HERE is a highlight of Garmin Connect! to be talked into getting a GPS watch!

READ about a sweet race results website HERE! to see race results divided into distance, year, etc.

Plus, a site that tells you weather averages for any given day, or series of days, anywhere in the world! ...great for destination races!  Check out a post about it HERE!

COMMENT: What fitness sites do YOU use?  What do you like about them?  Are you looking for a tool you haven't found?


Sandy Kiesel said...
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Sandy Kiesel said...

Colleen, Your post are awesome!!! Love the eggplant recipe. Signed into and found all my races and used the running calculator this morning. I love using your recipe recommendations because they make healthy, real food taste so wonderful. Your blog is now my favorite site.

Fresh-You said...

Thank you SO much Sandy!! I really appreciate your comments/feedback/support!! Have a fun afternoon with your hubby!


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