Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 Great After Workout Protein and Carb Drinks for Runners!

LONG RUNS require quick replenishment of CARBS and PROTEIN!

A ratio of 4:1, carbs to protein is perfect!

1. CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK is an excellent and delicious option!

If you're looking for something new, try this REFRESHING, NUTRITIOUS, and SIMPLE alternative!

2. Plain non-dairy KEFIR and 100% JUICE! Use equal parts juice and non-dairy kefir.  More about Probiotic Power!

I just love Mango juice blend from Costco! Any juice will work!

3. COMBINE SOY MILK AND JUICE -- orange juice and milk may sound strange, but think CREAMSICLE, or just a good old SMOOTHIE you make at home, or buy at the mall!

For this the ratio is closer to 2/3 c juice per cup milk.

By the way, SMOOTHIES are great options, but you want to get something in your muscles FAST! The sooner you take it, the more your muscles can use it to replenish glycogen (the first 30-min post-exercise are key!). Smoothies just take a little time, so hurry!

If you're quick about it, there is always the 3-ingredient Super Shake!

The carbs will replace glycogen stores that you used while exercising.
The protein will help repair any muscle damage that occurred, as well as boost immunity, and rehydration.

REHYDRATION is also important after endurance exercise such as running, as well as ANY exercise you do that is high intensity and gets you really sweaty!  So the above drinks replenish carbs, protein, and fluids all at once!

In general, you want to aim for half of your weight in carbohydrate grams.

For example, if you weigh 120 lb, you should consume 60 g carbs and 15 g protein within 30 minutes after you finish your long run or other endurance activity. For up to 2 hours, your muscles are more accepting of the carbs you consume. After that, a much lower fraction of the carbs you eat will go to your muscle glycogen supply.

For some quick tips for carbs and fluids DURING a long run, or race, click HERE!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Can you eat right after you run or exercise? What is your favorite post-workout meal?

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