Friday, July 27, 2012

Homemade Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

Why make your OWN frozen yogurt pops?

#1 Fewer calories, grams of sugar (NONE refined), and ingredients

#2 More protein (characteristic of Greek yogurt)

#3 WAY MORE probiotics (healthy bacteria)...described BELOW!

#4 More fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals (because of the real fruit)

#5 You can eat them for BREAKFAST!

Homemade Frozen Yogurt Popsicles!

Simply combine your favorite fruit with plain yogurt!


~Layer fruit, yogurt, fruit yogurt.

Frozen pineapple works well for this!

~Blend fruit and yogurt.

(Chocolaty Goodness works deliciously!)

~Stir in pureed fruit.

Try Trader Joe's frozen mango!

~Stir in fruit chunks.

Berries?  Strawberries and banana :)


According to FDA food standards: frozen yogurt ONLY needs to contain 10% of the healthy bacteria (PROBIOTICS) that defines yogurt as yogurt!

There are EQUAL PORTIONS OF PROBIOTICS (live and active cultures) in...

10 servings of frozen yogurt AND a serving of FAGE Greek yogurt,
100 servings of frozen yogurt AND a serving of Yoplait yogurt,
700 servings of frozen yogurt AND a serving of Kefir, and
1400 servings of frozen yogurt AND a serving of plain yogurt!

As you can see, PLAIN regular yogurt contains TONS of probioticsThe following chart may convince you to go buy some KEFIR or PLAIN YOGURT!

Probiotics (Healthy Bacteria) Yogurt and Kefir Comparison (CFUs)

Probiotic / Healthy Bacteria are measured in bacteria Colony Forming Units (CFUs). Yogurt and Kefir Comparison: including Lifeway Kefir, Mountian High Plain Yogurt, Yoplait, Stonyfield, Dannon, Activia, Go-Gurt, Fage Greek, frozen yogurt FDA food standard, and non-frozen yogurt FDA food standard. *Stonyfield and Dannon claim to have stopped measuring CFUs; Yoplait and Dannon's Activia claim to provide a minimum of a billion units.
Though I DON'T recommend ANY probiotic supplement, here is a Vidazorb ad that serves as a helpful visual :)

Another CFU Comparison Visual

Look at Activia (20 containers) and Kefir (75% of a large container) above.
The equivalent of frozen yogurt? 3000 servings!...according to food standards. Image thanks to
Stick with PLAIN YOGURT or KEFIR to get the most out of your $$ and most health benefits from probiotics :) Rather than supplements OR candy bars!

BONUS INFO: Probiotics survive freezing; healthy bacteria just lays dormant (or goes to sleep) until you consume them and in your body they become active, so you get the health benefits!

Here are some Popsicle MOLDS!  Try one and see what works for you -- removing the Popsicles is usually kind of challenging, so don't recommend a one particular mold!

COMMENTS: What are your favorite molds? You can always use another container and add sticks part way through freezing!


Shannon said...

Thanks so much for sharig this on my Facebook wall! You know I love yogurt and froyo! I never thought of making my own frozen yogurt popsicles. It's such a great idea!

And your kids are so cutttteee! <3

Colleen Grossner said...

Thanks for checking it out, and commenting! Hope you're having an awesome day!

Kandy said...

Kefir is wonderful and easy to make at home. There are kefir "grains" found on ebay or it can be googled. I did it for quite a while with store bought milk. Delicious!

Colleen Grossner said...

That's awesome that you've made lots of kefir at home! I would love to do that someday! There are so many simple things you can do with food, at a small cost, and with huge health and taste benefits! Thanks for sharing, and have a great day!
Colleen :)


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