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18 Quick Tips for the Kitchen

NEVER let an expensive avocado go to waste again!  This post was inspired by an amazing blog that I just love called  100 Days of Real Food  !!  Lisa, the author, and her family have taken to the challenge of consuming all "real foods", as in whole foods, foods without a label, foods that aren't made by a factory.

I believe, Lisa and her family were inspired by the books of Michael Pollan, including In Defense of Food and Food Rules.  I highly recommend checking out Food Rules first, as it consists of some 50 "rules" with a simple paragraph to page of explanation -- in a matter of a few hours you can learn a lot about making really healthy food choices!  Following any ONE of these rules will likely lead you on your way to a whole new you!

100 Days of Real Food is a wonderful resource!  I have only began swimming through the amazing site!  Each post is so thoughtful, useful, rich, and complete!  I highly recommend you check it out right away, but first check out these QUICK TIPS FOR THE KITCHEN:

Photo from -- a wonderful website about CSA (Community Supported Agric.)

1. Once AVOCADOS (give to pressure), PEARS (softened), and BANANAS are ripe, you can put them in the fridge to stunt ripening -- banana peels will turn brown, but the fruit will stay just right!   AVOCADOS will stay perfect for up to 2 weeks!  Pretty cool since once ripe, avocados get nasty within a day or so.  Can't let expensive  AVOCADOS go to waste!

2. If brown peels aren't your thing, at least separate the  BANANA bunch apart to slow ripening.

3. Too speed  BANANA ripening, keep bananas in the closed paper or plastic bag.  If you add a ripe apple to the bag, the apple will give off gases that will further help with ripening.

4. Wrap fresh GINGER in a paper towel and store in plastic, air-tight container.

5. Always store TOMATOES at room temperature.

6. Knock on WATERMELONS -- choose one that sounds hollow -- always a great pick!

7. Once CANTALOUPE smells like cantaloupe it's ready to eat.

8. PINEAPPLE with lose bottom leaves is ready to eat.  THANK YOU  100 Days of Real Food  for this tip AND the ENTIRE POST IDEA!!

9. You can soak CELERY sticks, ASPARAGUS, and even LETTUCE in water to revive crispness.

10. Here is a new one for me!  Flip your SPINACH container in your fridge daily to keep it from wilting.   THANK YOU  100 Days of Real Food  !!

11. Wash fruits and veggies with a combination of vinegar and water to remove nearly all the pesticides and bacteria (1 part vinegar to 3 parts water).

12. Boiling the vinegar-water solution with a cinnamon stick to remove unpleasant or overpowering odors.  THANK YOU  100 Days of Real Food  !!

13. When preparing dinner, cut up some extra veggies to have ready in the fridge for quick and easy snacking.

14. DEFROST meat and other frozen foods safely ONLY THESE 3 ways: under cold running water, in the microwave, or in the refrigerator.

15. Non-instant OATS can be cooked in the microwave in just 2 minutes or so for a 1/2 c dry rolled oats.

16. Use silicone bakeware (muffin pans) or ice cube trays to freeze small quantities of food, pureed fruits and veggies (for baby food or muffins), PESTO SAUCE, pimentos (large can or jar divided), etc.  Transfer into resealable freezer bag, ready for use in a flash!

17. Rub your hands with stainless steel to get rid of ONION smell on your hands.

18. Test EGG spoilage by putting it in a bowl of water.  If it floats, bacteria has been busy contaminating the egg and producing gases, hence the floating.

19. Flip PEANUT BUTTER jars over for a couple of days before opening it, and you won't have to stir it up!  THIS tip is new to me -- I can't wait to try it!  THANK YOU  100 Days of Real Food  !!

One more thing about 100 Days of Real Food -- last month, it listed fresh-you on a list the site made called "Other Real Food Blogs".  This was SO very exciting!  I was thrilled and honored to be included, and the exposure from such a wildly popular website has been awesome!  I am so grateful to LISA (the blog's author), and LISA (a friend who told Lisa about fresh-you) for allowing me to REACH MORE PEOPLE!

It makes me so HAPPY to be able to help spread the word about simple ways that FOOD and HABITS can increase HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and of course QUALITY of LIFE to anyone who cares!  Check out the blog list!

IF YOU'D LIKE, WE'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Do you have tips to make time in the kitchen easier?  Please tell!

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