Saturday, March 3, 2012

2 Quick Workouts for the Healthy Body YOU Want!

I want you to MOVE!  For a million wonderful reasons, that you have probably all already heard -- from immunity boost, to better sleep, to weight loss, and much more!

I don't care HOW you do it, but if you're looking for FUN and INSPIRING, you should check out these guys!

These two guys are VERY motivating AND the exercises they do are AWESOME because they work LOTS of muscles at ONCE!  Why is working lots of muscles at once important?  Because your workout can be SHORTER!  That's why Tony Horton's 10-minute P90X workout and Shawn T's 15-minute Insanity workout qualify for your workout quota for the day!

You may build up to more, but this is your un-intimidating chance to START NOW!

If you have to stop at all during a video, that's fine!

If you aren't doing the exercises exactly as the guys on the screen are doing them, who cares?!

If you miss a day, that's ok by me, but the more OFTEN you do it, the BETTER, FASTER, MORE IMPRESSIVE results you will see!

I'm including two videos from the Dr Oz Show here so you can get started NOW!

I thank for providing these videos, but I have no affiliation with the website.

Plus, if you get a kick out of Kelly Live with Kelly, you can check out this little video!

Once you've tried THESE videos, you can get the DVDs from your library and/or order them online!

Both have MONEY BACK GUARANTEES, so you have nothing to lose!

Here are links to buy the videos -- both can be found from

Tony Horton's P90X and Shawn T's Insanity

Coming soon: something related to Couch to 5K!

COMMENTS: Do you like workout videos?  I don't have much exercise video experience, mostly because, unless it involves a soccer ball, I am not very well coordinated!  Which videos have you been able to stick with best?  Why did you keep doing them?  Which gave you the best results?

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