Monday, March 19, 2012

Recover from St Patty's Day with...

Recover from Saint Patrick's Day weekend with ....

Your body can DETOX with these HEALTHY GREEN CHOICES!

Skinny Mints!  These little gems are filled with NUTRIENTS, disguised as yummy, addicting little balls of sweetness!

AND Green Drink!  We've been on a green drink kick lately, thank goodness.  I always know we're doing pretty good when we are making (and more importantly drinking!) Green Drink!  It's just a great way to kick-start your day with loads of vitamins, minerals, and fiber!  By the way, if you haven't tried it yet, it has quite a KICK!  I couldn't resist the chance to use that word for a third time in a row, in a slightly different way!  I must have soccer on the brain!  I am so excited for my daughters to begin playing this spring -- their first time!  My hubby and I are big soccer lovers, so we're excited to coach too!

Green Drink doesn't really glow like this.  I was just having some fun with Google's Picasa's awesome by the way for organizing, editing, sharing, and even blogging your photos!  It is free, and it is SO smart!

It finds your pictures where ever they might be on your computer and organizes them by date!  The coolest thing it does -- face recognition!  So neat, plus it's fun to see the (very few) mistakes it see who resembles who, relatives, and even friends!

and Super-Easy Guacamole!  Or any other avocado-filled snack that you enjoy!  Check out some health benefits of AVOCADO here!

COMMENTS: How did you spend St Patty's Day?

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