Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 BIG reasons to make your meat portions SMALL

5 Reasons to Eat LESS Meat

1. Reduce CANCER risk
2. Bone health
3. Weight loss, heart health, blood pressure and cholesterol improvements
4. Decreased inflammation
5. Cure type 2 Diabetes!

Meat is the New Tobacco?

I am not ready to go to that extreme, nor do I think it is necessary for perfect health, yet... (UPDATE! I AM READY TO GO TO THAT EXTREME! MY FAMILY NO LONGER CONSUMES ANIMAL PRODUCTS!)

Some MEATLESS days, or even meatless MEALS, are good for everybody!  Don't worry -- there is plenty of protein in the other foods you'll eat such as veggies, beans, and whole grains!  And if you don't LIKE meat, please don't eat it because you think you NEED it! Vegetarians who eat a variety of WHOLE FOODS (though not all do!) maintain a diet full of everything they need nutritionally!

Unfortunately, there is some rather shocking research coming to light, which finds that the PROTEIN from animals is highly linked with various cancers, especially prostate and breast cancers.

Here are some MEATLESS options you can try!

Try your very OWN meatless chili -- just omit the meat and add some extra beans! Easy as that!
Truffle Treo -- add some beans, and perhaps rice for a delicious meal!

Below is a trailer to a really INTERESTING documentary that discusses lots of SURPRISING research.  One of the lead research physicians is right out of the CLEVELAND Clinic! Dr Caldwell Esselstyn's website is called and his book is called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease which includes lots of yummy recipes!

Forks Over Knives DVD

The movie also has a great FACEBOOK page -- CLICK for it HERE!  It has lots of great information -- articles, events, testimonies, and more!  If you're thinking of changing to a more plant based diet, this is a wonderful resource, and possibly even support system!

If you prefer books, The China Study by Dr T Colin Campbell would be a great place to start!

Dr Campbell has a great website -- so much helpful info on the topic of plant-based eating!  This was one cool tid-bit I'd like to share:

"A growing number of the world's top athletes eat a plant-based diet, including Carl Lewis, Tony Gonzales, and Brenden Brazier."

Also, Dr Esselstyn's son, Rip Esselstyn has popularized a plant-based diet called Engine 2 Diet, as he took up the career of firefighting and improved the health of those he works with, and since many, many others!  Rip's photo is shown at top of post :)

COMMENTS: Have you ever followed a vegetarian diet? Know someone who did? How did you feel?

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