Thursday, March 22, 2012

Copy-Cat California Pizza Kitchen Barbecue Pizza

Have you ever eaten anything from California Pizza Kitchen? If YES, chances are, you've tried the barbecue chicken pizza! If NO, this is what you should try first, minus the chicken and cheese!

My version is a cheese-free, meat-free version. Wonder why? Click HEREGuacamole Pizza is another DELICIOUS cheese-free pizza! Both pizzas are delicious! Click HERE for why to skip the chicken!

Barbecue "Chicken" Pizza
1 large onion
Extra virgin olive or canola oil
1 package meatless chicken strips (Beyond Meat is awesome!) (optional)
1 whole wheat pizza crust (Boboli or Mama Mary's are both great! AND we make homemade pizza dough in minutes* with our bread maker)

*plus the few hours that the bread maker does the work for you!

Boboli whole wheat is pretty similar to Boboli THIN crust -- just has more fiber! A lot more, 4 g rather than less than a gram! If you compare whole wheat to original, there are 60 fewer calories per slice (120 vs 180)! Mama Mary's pizza crusts have similar nutrition comparisons.

Ok, back to the recipe!

Chop up onion and saute in oil.
Cut "chicken" pieces smaller.
Spread crust with thin layer of sauce.
Cover with onions and "chicken", and mash evenly.
Top with a bit more sauce in a pretty swirl!
Bake pizza as directed on label.

Great with a side of asparagus!

Veggies retain most nutrients when prepared with as little water and for as little time as possible! Most veggies cook well in the microwave with just a Tbsp of water added.

There is nothing healthy about barbecue sauce -- it's basically SUGAR. Melissa's recipe is a healthy step up! In our house, we still love this unique flavor!

BONUS TIP: Rather than cutting with a knife, break off the bottoms of asparagus with your hands as they naturally snap, for perfectly tender spears!

A quick sprinkle of lemon juice is also tasty!

COMMENTS: Do you notice the odor of your urine after eating asparagus? There are different theories about this -- some scientists say it's a difference in the urine that varies between people. Others say that it is a difference in people's sense of smell, ability to detect that particular odor.

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