Sunday, March 11, 2012

Secret to Getting Things Done - a Timer!

Here is an example:

30/10 Rule

For 30 minutes, work on something that you need to get done. Set a TIMER!

When you hear the buzzer, do something fun, like check your email, or read a fun blog, or whatever! For 10 minutes.

Repeat cycle!

I read about it first on -- a great resource for simplifying your life in easy ways!

You could use any duration -- the idea is to get started. You could do 5 minutes of work, then 5 minutes of play. Often find getting started is the hardest part!

This trick is helpful for EXERCISE too! Just get yourself out the door, or into your exercise clothes, and soon you will be on your way!

I got my dishes cleaned, laundry folded, and some Christmas decorations taken down (spring decorations up would be more appropriate now!), ALL BEFORE 10am! Wahoo!

The Zen Habit's guy lead me to another great blog/site/person called the FLYLady ( who has lots of great suggestions. She can help you make lasting habits in your life -- be more organized and calm :)

Here are some MORE IDEAS that I have been putting into action from and Apparently lots of people think it's a helpful post, since it is one of my most popular! Hope you can get something out of it!

COMMENTS: Do you ever use a timer? What do you want to get done with a timer? I have a basement that I want to tackle! And there is always lots to do with this blog!

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